The Starry Times: June Cosmo News

Hey Star Travellers,
Welcome to June !

We start this month in between eclipses, a retrograde Mercury and Saturn, Mars moving into debilitation in Cancer, a creative and communicative Venus in Gemini and Jupiter slowing down, moving retrograde.

Key Dates :

10 June –  Solar Eclipse/New Moon Taurus/Mrigashira
3 June – 21 July – Mars in Cancer 
30 May – 23 June  Mercury Retrograde/Combust
4 June – 17th  Mercury Combust the Sun
16 June – Sun moves to Gemini
21 June – Jupiter Retrograde / Equinox
25 June – Full Moon Sagittarius/Mula

What does it all mean ?

As always, please take this as a general overview of the cosmic climate, according to my own interpretation. Jyotish is a science of observation. It is a lived experience. Trial and error, observe and reflect. And like all experiences it is unique to the individual.Transits affect individuals very differently depending on the arrangement in your own chart (which is a symbolic reflection of your karmic soul story in this time and space). 

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As Sage Varahamihira says succinctly : “There is no better boat than a horoscope to help one cross the sea of life”

So lets get started :

This month begins in between an eclipse portal. The Scorpio full moon/ lunar eclipse on the 26th of May was a powerful opening to the deep subconscious where the collective psyche disgorged all that is hidden; revealing of secrets, misuse of power, deception and lies, which often come out in the wash.

We are seeing this manifest with the current Bill Gates scandal around his involvement with Jeffery Epstein (convicted sex offender), as well as sexual harassment allegations and mostly recently, admitting to having an affair with an employee at Microsoft in 2000. These revelations tarnish his philanthropical and altruistic image. Scandals are a classic rahu/ketu/scorpio eclipse vibe.

It has been a potent time for transformation, healing and reaching into the more hidden aspects of our personality, old traumas, pain and fear. 

The Solar Eclipse/New Moon happens on the 10th of June. 

Chandra (moon) will sit in between the Surya (sun) and Rahu – Rahu, the lunar north node and head of the serpent is said to be swallowing the lights. Sun and Moon reflect the Atman (Soul/Spirit) and Jiva Atman, (individualised self) the Soul/Mind – Rahu’s influence disturbs our pranic channels. This is why it is said to avoid looking directly at the eclipse, those who are sensitive can over stimulate their nervous systems, creating subtle disturbances. Especially the Lunar Eclipse.

Eclipses are seen as negative omens especially for material things.
The creative, life giving forces of the Sun and Moon get swallowed and distorted by Rahu, twisting and darkening the light. This is why it is said to avoid making hasty decisions, sign contracts, make life changing choices during eclipse times – often what seems shiny and glimmering can dissolve into dust, after the eclipse period is over. This goes for new jobs, relationships or buying a new house. Disappointments can reign high. 

It is however an excellent time for deep inner work. Tantrics use eclipse times for meditation, and other spiritual practices as the veils are thin. Stay indoors, fast, clean the house and keep life simple. 

The New Moon in Taurus falls in the lunar nakshatra Mrigashira @ 8 :53pm on the 10th. 

Sun, Rahu and Mercury are also in Taurus – This new moon is charged as it is a Solar Eclipse. Rahu is swallowing the Sun. New moons are times to withdraw your energy a little and deepen your receptivity to the subtle nuances of life. 

It is likely the events of the month will build in intensity, are reaching a head, those with busy lives feel busier, time is of the essence and of course with the retrograde energies, situations and events may feel more complicated, frustrating and slower than they ought to be. These times are good to practice our spiritual skills. Patience, foresight, tenacity, and tolerance. Don’t push your agenda too hard and be open to changing plans, you’ll be better off. 

Mrigashira is a star which manifests Prinana Shakti – The Power of Giving Fulfillment

Mrigashira is a star of searching. It is connected to Soma, the divine elixr of immortality, and ruled by the warrior mars, who has just moved into debilitation. It is a gentle star, but one fuelled by desires and possibly, unrealistic expectations. This new moon /eclipse is complicated and uncertain. Avoid extremes, spicy food, rash and aggressive behaviour/thoughts. Excessive restlessness and ‘doing’ is rooted in the inability to sit still with one’s thoughts – to just be, to sit still. The mind always needs to be occupied with one thing or another, perhaps to avoid the inherent emptiness of its own existence… Emptiness doesn’t sell, but it brings deep inner peace and contentment, which is the greatest wealth of all.

The Scorpio/ Taurus axis is also highlighting the need to connect with divine love, and avoid attempting to fulfil this deep need through uncommitted temporary sexual liaisons, unhealthy possessiveness or other imbalanced relational dynamics. Many people think changing partners solves the problem, but you may notice people often change partners to avoid changing themselves. Multiple relationships disturb the psychic energy and generate new karma which will need to dealt with. You may feel like breaking up/changing your relationship at this time. But stay still and inquire. What are you avoiding in yourself? Your partner is a divine mirror. Stop fighting and look deeper.
There may have been rupture, but the growth is in the repair.

Relationships are places to give and to serve the divine in human form, but in our western world relationships have become little more than transactions, where two people meet behind great walls, desperately hiding their fears, insecurities and vulnerability. Find a best friend who will not only trigger your healing, but stay and help you unpack.

“ Don’t wish for an easy person, wish for a person who will reflect to you all the ways you bullshit yourself”

With Venus in Gemini – The energy of Taurus is invited to communicate about stuff! – Big fan of talking about the elephant in the room. (Gemini looooves to talk)

Usually the bull can be oh so stubborn and fixed in its ways. He can’t be bothered, just plain lazy. But the essence of any great relationship is the repairs which come after the rupture. How well you can make the effort – understand the other’s point of view. Most people are not trying to hurt you – awkward dancing and stepping on toes is inevitable in relating. Find the people willing to go through the rain with you. Remember, don’t choose the Rose if you are not willing to handle the Thorns!

This new moon look beyond the surface of things. Perhaps it is time to inquire into your approach to how you relate, are your beliefs, your assumptions outdated? Is it time to upgrade your mindset and thinking? New moons is time for withdrawl and reflection. Personally, I enjoy the ingress of a dark moon. There is a subtle stillness and calm I find refreshing, mystical and potent.

Mars in Cancer – 3 June – 21 July

This transit happens once every two years.

Mars rules the signs Aries and Scorpio, so if you have moon/ascendant or significant planets in these signs you will be feeling this transit. Here the warrior Mars struggles in the waters of Cancer the Crab,. Instead of being forthright, direct and aggressive, he becomes passive aggressive, vague, sideways and feels weak. Cancer is a water sign, mars a fire planet – this combination creates steam. Expect a polarisation of specific issues.

Aries and Scorpio are advised to take a step back and not push themselves so hard. They will feel low energy and if there has been significant energy expansion over the first part of the year, burnout may be likely. Take time to rest, especially with the other cosmic events occurring. Anger issues may surface. Be clear in your action, assertive, not aggressive. It can be an opportunity to be more compassionate toward yourself and others. Cancer is a sign connected to family, mars here can indicate familial issues arising. Self confidence and self worth may feel low at this time. Keep your faith and let things move in the direction they want to go. Practice tolerance, a bit of tenderness goes a long way. 

30 May – 23 June  Mercury Retrograde/Combust

May has been a month where we started to feel shifts of energies that herald the upcoming changes this year. How you personally experience these changes will depend on where you are at in your life and awareness; how well you relate to the cyclical ups and downs of life. 

Mercury is at standstill in the early degrees of Gemini about to retrograde tomorrow, the 30th of May. Saturn has already gone retrograde and still is very still/slow at 19 degrees of Capricorn.

Retrograde is a time to re-assess. Depending on where the sign of Taurus is in your chart, your experience can feel very different. It can be that an old lover or partner returns, there may be some unfinished business, friends from the past come back into your life, it may be a time to re assess your finances, perhaps family issues are needing to be addressed. Mechanical issues may surface demanding attention. Overall it is a time to go back and think over how you have approached certain things in your life. Maybe in the past there has been some errors of judgement, decisions you made in the past need to be re addressed.

Retrograde Mercury can feel scattered. Suddenly everything piles up at once, messages get confused in different inboxes, and plans, well, they may not unfold as you would like. You feel suddenly pressured, over committed and your boundaries are tested. Appointments get cancelled, situations delayed, traffic lines are longer.

Keep in mind this Mercury retro is occurring at the same time as Saturn retro – who just shifted on the 23rd. 

It’s a time to triple check your travel plans, agreements and communications. Back things up and watch for vagueness and  and unclarity. There is a saying that says the greatest distance between two people is mis understanding. Conflict, as a natural part of life, has a marvellous function of leveraging us from our own rigidities, by inviting one to see things from a different point of view. The degree of mental flexibility you have will reflect in your ability to adapt to the hiccups that occur during the retrograde period. 

it will also promote some mishaps and misadventures in mercury related fields such as computers, phones, messaging, dealing with colleagues and business partners, organising, scheduling, delays in transportations, autocorrect disasters and emails that mysteriously disappear into cyberspace. Back up your devices, double, triple check important documents and contracts.

Use this time constructively to make sure you have all the facts before moving forward.

Typically Mercury retrogrades are times to not push any agenda too fast. Take care and consider all your options before taking action. A lack of thoroughness and attention to detail in the past months could show themselves at this time. Being too attached to outcomes often lead to disappointments…  Re-assess, re-focus, re-consider as many times as you need to and don’t be afraid to postpone a decision if you feel unsure. There is no Rush.

Take time this month and avoid over committing yourself to plans and projects. It is likely that things will reach a head and feel chaotic – practice culling what is unnecessary and streamline your processes. Business affairs are likely to be impacted, family and career, be flexible and expect the unexpected, delays and changes.

Be well, practice your practice and keep on keeping life simple.
With love,
Darinka x

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