The Starry Times: Jupiter Retrograde | Aquarius/Capricorn

Hey Folks, 

Today I am channeling/feeling into the collective energy as I reflect on the chart of the moment. What follows is a synthesis of some of the current celestial trajectories. As usual, take this as you will, it is my interpretation. If it resonates, I would love to hear what your experience is. Of course this is also general, effects will vary greatly depending on the nature and functioning of Jupiter and Saturn in your own charts. 

Note this is following Vedic/Sidereal Calendar.

Jupiter Retrograde – Aquarius/Capricorn : 21 June – 18 October
Shatabhishak and Dhanishta nakshatra

Mercury Stationary going direct – 21 June
Solstice … Summer/Winter – 21 June
Sun in Gemini now for the month – 15 June – 17 July

As you can see, 21 June is a significant day of change – Solstice, Mercury Stationary moving direct and Jupiter turns retrograde.

These next few days are potent to set your vision to the stars. To manifest clearly and directly. There is a potency of energy today. Sun is at the lowest/highest – Deep Dive, or Fly High. Set your compass and face your true north. Good things await.

Avoid forcing any major decisions over the next few days, as the energies are feeling stuck, or muddled. It may feel difficult to decide one way or another. Wait a few days, and it will pass. Mercury and Jupiter both stationary means to not force anything at this moment. Once they start moving, one forward and one back, things will start to move again and the paths will continue to unfold!

Jupiter Retrograde for 5 months means we are reflecting on greater values, ideas, philosophical and spiritual beliefs and mind sets. How values shape beliefs, what beliefs affect actions, how one’s thinking limits or expands. Keep asking questions and challenge your thinking. Be willing to change your mind, to not know. This retrograde is likely to bring re arrangement, delays and obstacles in areas such as finances, organisations, business structures, husbands/male partners – there may be endings/new beginnings. It may not be the situation or people themselves, but the way you view them.

Challenges/changes with authority, teachers, guides and mentors. There may be a need to take a stand for one self, be mindful of shady activities. Sagg and Pisces folk need to be mindful of their health and finances during this retrograde. Take care signing contracts, buying property, risky investments or starting new ventures during this time. Some health issues may arise, overindulgence in anything may prove to have some undesirable consequences. 

Expect things to slow down more over the next few months – Re-assess, re-do, a situation may reverse, expectations can lead to disappointment. Strive for clarity and integrity in your thinking process and self expression. Aquarius is a humanitarian, collective oriented sign, impersonal, often subdued in its emotional expression, eccentric and revolutionary in its thinking style. Often, what is created in Aquarius is directed to the benefit of others in some way.

Jupiter in Aquarius is currently expressed through Saturn in Capricorn, (who has also just turned retrograde). Jupiter is still feeling restricted by Saturn. Remember, Jupiter doesn’t like to be reigned in, he wants to expand infinitely and exponentially. Saturn asks us to be disciplined, focussed and humble. Limit yourself, be creative about that. Bend, so life doesn’t force it upon you.

Jupiter is casting his beneficial and uplifting gaze to the 7th sign from itself – Leo, as well as a trine 120° aspect to Libra and Gemini – The other two air signs. Leo is connected to the natural 5th house – Collectively we are experiencing expansion and growth in creative ventures, play and self expression. Intelligence and new ideas are highlighted. Stepping up in personal power, shining like the Sun. Time to learn new things. Jupiter’s supportive gaze on Libra and Gemini helps heal/improve/grow relationships and friendships. Growth in business and communications/media can be seen.

Jupiter Stationary Retrograde in Shatabhishak 21 June -21 July – Healing, witnessing the self, Acknowledging the shadow and gifts, transforming the mind. Brilliant new ideas and inspiration, visionary thinking, collaborative gains, collective vision. Bringing disparity into unity. Idealism meeting reality – How can we make this work? 

Gains, opportunity, sudden change of luck. Leadership is indicated. Time to reflect on your relationship to Power – A stable cure to a long term problem, (Vaccine uptake is on the rise) issue or condition – emotional, practical or mental. Diagnoses of health conditions, difficult or hard to cure illness. Jupiter connects to the liver and fat distribution in the body,. Healing of deep set emotional issues, and/or the revealing of them. A great time for psychotherapy and psychological therapy.

When Jupiter moves back into Dhanistha, on the 21st of July it is time to reflect on what has been initiated or created since early March this year. Dhanistha is connected to prosperity, beauty and tangible wealth. What has filled you up or consumed you in this time? What are your sources of wealth? What is wealth to you? What are the different types of wealth? What are you abundant in? Expand your definition of wealth beyond finance. Explore the relationship between value and wealth. Be aware of all of your assets, move beyond comparison and polish the jewel that you are. Heartfelt gratitude for what IS, magnetises you.

Much progress can be made over the next 5 months – with the combination of Jupiter retrograding in Saturn’s sign, who is also retrograde, as well as Jupiter’s retrogression into Capricorn, sign of debilitation, it really is a time to make solid, tangible and practical steps toward your goals/projects/ideas. Plan, draw, brainstorm, take your time! Saturn is a slow planet and so, what gets created under Saturn’s influence tends to last. This can be positive or negative, so make you are involving yourself in things you wish to continue see growing and evolving over time. Re-assessing and refining your trajectory is key right now. 

Enjoy the transition and the night of Solstice, on the 21st – the longest night of the year. This is a turning point, what has been obscuring in darkness may begin the annual return to the light and ever expanding awareness, like the brilliance of the Sun rising over the eastern shore. 

For those in the north – the gradual descent into the dark womb begins, summer solstice, the pause in between the ebb and flow and the long, midsummer balm. 

Enjoy  🌞

With Love,

{Art By MorySetta}

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