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Hey Cosmonauts,

This month’s over arching theme is one of patient expansion and contraction 

With a strong Saturn – Mars starting the month – as well as a square from Uranus in Aries – This month shows a break from establishment and the need to have courage to make the necessary changes. 

Australia is seeing more outbreaks of Covid, and restrictions have have returned. This began on Solstice,  21st of June, when Jupiter went retrograde and Mercury was stationed to go direct. The last week of June was turbulent and sticky, with much uncertainty. Now that the retrogrades have started, movement is happening again, albeit, we are experiencing the usual setback and delays which come when Saturn and Jupiter put the brakes on and roll in the other direction. 

Personally, I enjoy the retrograde times. In Australia, it gets cold, naturally, one likes to withdraw, slow down and get cosy, longer nights and shorter days make for easy contemplation. “Life is what happens when you are busy making plans” – being flexible to the unexpected is part of the art of a good traveller, whether you are venturing to a new place, or if you see your life on earth as the road – as Aghori Vimalanada says succinctly (Robert Svoboda’s Master) “When walking, it is not the road that gets tired”
Winter, retrogrades, delays, etc, all great reminders to let go of control and learn to do without doing, with ample rest inbetween.

Key Dates (Australia):

1-4 Mars Saturn Opposition Cancer Capricorn
4 – Mars Saturn Uranus Square
10th – New Moon in Gemini 11:17 am – Punarvasu Nakshatra
12 – 15 – Mars Venus conjunction
16 -22 Venus & Mars transit through Cancer Gandanta
17 – Sun in Cancer, Venus in Leo
22 – Mars in Leo
24 – Full Moon @ 12:37pm – Capricorn

Mars Saturn Uranus T- Square

Mars in Cancer – debilitated. Mars is the warrior, and he is sleeping on the battlefield.  Mars needs to be active and fight for things, using strength, courage and prowess – the cosmic essence of Agni, burns. This is in conflict with the essence of Cancer, ruled by the soft, gentle, nurturing and receptive Moon. Fire and water creates lots of fuss – if you have Aries or Scorpio Moon or Ascendant, you may be feeling this acutely, on an emotional and physical level.
Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn, opposing Mars increases lethargy and delays, and it is all too likely that you may be feeling overwhelmed with too much on your plate, or issues in the workplace, with bosses or colleagues, perhaps there have been some major changes. Uranus in Aries joins in – Known as Prajapati in Vedic Astrology, this energy is seen as disruptive, unsettling, revolutionary and electrical. There is a higher vibration to Uranus in that those receptive to the breaking down of established ruts and limitations can break through and break free, otherwise this energy, can be highly destructive and unstable. The ultimate goal being that of destroying the false self, the ego, and its attachment to Maya Devi.  

Saturn Mars Uranus – Pressure mounting -there is a need to break through an impasse – restrictions can not longer stand, someone is ready to fight, the wise one sees the enemy as a phantom projected outward, and retreats to brings wholeness and compassion. Exploring sexuality and new forms of expression, passionate chemistry, is another manifestation of this combination, but be careful,  if something begins under this influence, it may not last. Avoid passive aggressiveness and obtuse ways of expressing your needs. Be clear and direct, people are not mind-readers. I have noticed avoidant personalities often have a combination of fire planets in water signs, where there can be an inbuilt apprehension toward assertiveness, keeping things bottled up until exploding 3 months later. Try to deal with the upsets as they arise!

Uranus is light a lightning bolt – brilliant new ideas and inspirations. Saturn’s transit is beckoning us into deep listening, surrender and silence, Mars will feel stronger once in Leo, but until the 20th, bend, bend, and yield, don’t let anger and pride ruin beautiful things. Otherwise, use this energy to move, get stuff done, don’t be idle – you can accomplish a lot!
This can also relate to events in the world – earthquakes, landslides, such as what has just happened in Japan – cracks in the earth’s crust, volcanic eruptions… 

When Mars transits the sensitive gandanta (karmic knotted zone) from 18- 22 July (28°Cancer – 1° Leo) the movement of fire planet in water sign to fire planet in fire sign, much churning is likely to take place where certain issues may reach a head. Stay chill, and avoid any major decisions, wait till things cool down. Go and lift weights, or go for a run, or something else physical to channel the energy! 

Once Mars moves into Leo, you will feel the energy pick up again, it will be easier to take a stand on certain issues, less lethargy and greater ‘call to action’. Mars in Cancer also says its ok to be vulnerable, its ok to feel weak, it is ok to rest. It is ok to cry, to be sensitive and in that sensitivity to discover the deep strength that lies within.

12-15 July Venus Mars Conjunction – Cancer – Ashlesha – The Star of Embrace

This is a complicated conjunction, lots of fire water in the undertow – Mars is Fire/Agni, Venus is Water/Jaal – we have covered Mars in water sign.. Venus is creativity, semen, sensuality, relationships, vehicles, values, tastes … Mars is passion, sexuality, raw and primal desire, violence, anger… these contrasting elements and planets mean there could be fun sparks and hot fuss, pick ups, or break ups. Violent action in the home is not unlikely – speak up if you hear, see, experience anything like it. Raise your Words, not your Voice. This conjunction falls in the later part of Cancer, in the Star Ashlesha. The animal is the Cat, and this star connects to the power of entwining, serpent energy, mysticism, manipulation, seduction, intellect, occult knowledge and wisdom but also secrecy, cunning and deceit. On a more evolved level, this energy can be used to explore greater heights in one’s passions and creativity. Venus and Mars both will travel through Gandanta – Aries, Scorpio, Taurus and Libra moon and rising signs will be experiencing the ending of one way of being, a massive transformation and a bright new beginning, heralded by the movement into the solar light of the sun and Leo. 

New Moon in Gemini 10th July – Punarvasu – The Star of Renewal.

The time to withdraw into the belly of the great mother. This new moon calls us to refresh, renew and let go of what is being held on or hoarded. Punarvasu is connected to Aditi, mother goddess, and thus the cycles of birth and death and the renewal which comes from the decay of the old. Gemini blends the moon with mercury, and so this is an intellectual moon where one may be analysing and rationalising feelings, instead of just allowing them the space to exist and move. It is a good time to identify and become familiar with mental ruts and patterns, where a groove has been etched a little too deeply, preventing the cyclical nature of life to renew one’s perspective. Re-invent your relationship to the issue and therefore change the pattern. Meditate or clean the house, keep things simple over these days, bringing your energy in and let your quiet inner voice speak. They have things to say. 

Have a great month everyone – stay connected, would love to hear your thoughts and experiences xx

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It is a great time to dive into self. Self knowledge is really a great way to expand your awareness, improve your relationships, including, and most importantly to yourself, clarify your direction, choices and place in life, as well as gain deeper insights into your life. 

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