Full Moon Capricorn – Guru Purnima

Hello Star Travellers,
This full moon falls at 12:37pm at 7°17’ degrees Capricorn in the lunar mansion Uttara Ashadha.

An auspicious full moon to celebrate and respect all our teachers, guides and Guru’s. 
Guru Purnima is a festival celebrated in India during the full moon of the month June – July.

‘Gu’ – means darkness, ignorance, ‘Ru’ – means remover of.

A Guru is someone who assists us to remove the veils of ignorance which keep one bound the wheels of samsara. A Guru is a Light, showing the way. Guru is also the name for Jupiter – the planet of Dharma, representing the teachers and guides in life, those who help make our journey lighter and easier. 

This moon has a more sombre tone, as Chandra approaches the lord of Karma and Time – Beloved Shani (Saturn), who’s name means slow or lame in Sanskrit. Moon/Saturn combinations can indicate depression, or low emotional energy, however, when depression is looked at from another perspective, it can be seen as the limitless soul desperately crying to expand It’s reality beyond the current paradigm. From a spiritual lens, mental health issues are cries from a drought-ridden spiritual landscape.

Uttara Ashada is ruled by the Sun, linking the soul’s desire for liberation and re-connection to its true origins. It is also connected to unconquerable victory. A time to realise your vision and take practical and realistic steps toward your goals. All is Spirit, since all is Energy, Frequency & Vibration ~ Tesla ~

There is a challenging Saturn/Sun combination underlying the nature of this nakshatra, which can highlight continued issues with authorities, such as what are seeing politically around the world in regards to protests and enforced lockdowns, as well as possible conflicts in the workplace with bosses and colleagues. The issues of the Capricorn/Cancer polarity revolve around limitations/restrictions/changes in the work/home/ heart/ family dynamic.

Uttara Ashadha is ruled by the Sun who is currently transiting through Cancer – A reminder that true strength is found in the ability to exercise gentleness and kindness, and we work (Karma) to create a stable and comfortable physical foundation, so the soul can move on it’s journey toward liberation (Moksha) – The final victory

4 Tips for this Full Moon Guru Purnima

> Honouring your teachers, mentors, gurus and guides – Past, Present and Future – Who helped you in difficult times? 

> If you are that way inclined, gather your crystals, place on the earth overnight, or in a bowl with salt water.

> Light a candle and gently cast your gaze at the flame. Steady your breath. Even without a Guru, Agni can serve as a guide. Ask questions, be still, receive. 

> If you are struggling with feeling sad depressed or any low energy mood, stay present with the feelings and embrace them. There isn’t anything to do but accept this moment of your reality in its fullest. Being happy is not the goal, nor is avoiding sadness. Sorrow is, however the gateway to true and lasting Joy, based on reality rather than fantasy. 

I honour my teachers both in Jyotisha and bodywork – Special thanks to Komilla Sutton, Mette Sorenson, Robert Svoboda, David Frawley & Pema Chodron, to name a few who have taught and inspired me over the years.

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So much Love,

{Art by Darby Lahger}

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