August Cosmic News & Leo Season

Hey beautiful readers, and to my friends in Sydney who are in for another few weeks of lockdown. I can’t imagine what it must be like there, although I know some of you are loving it, I know others must be struggling. Sending you big love and hugs xx

This month we enter Leo Season. Things will be heating up, there will be several gandanta crossings, indicating situations and relationships in transition, with a shift into stronger, brighter territory. We are also still in the Jupiter + Saturn Retrograde Cycle. 

*Please note I am using the sidereal/vedic calendar which shifts the chart back by about 24° *

Key Dates for Australia, Southern Hemisphere

8th – New Moon @ 22° Cancer
9th – Mercury enters Leo
12th- Venus enters Virgo unti 7th Sept
18th – Sun enters Leo
22nd – Full Moon Aquarius
20 – 23 – Mars Mercury planetary war

Mercury’s Antics in August

Mercury will be combust, opposed by Saturn, move through gandanta and then meet with enemy planet mars. If you are Gemini or Virgo moon or rising, you will feel these effects more strongly. 

Communication, thinking and business affairs are highlighted this month as we begin with Mercury combustion. This happens when Mercury is within 10° of the Sun. Combustion happens often enough as Mercury is never more that 28° from the Sun, and as such, Loki, or the Crown Prince finds his words get burned from time to time. The pressure is intensified as this combination is being aspected by a retrograde Saturn, who dishing out rules (and the defence force in Sydney) in the sign of Capricorn, meaning it’s all feeling very HEAVY. Saturn rules over Iron… 

Right now, Mercury is in Cancer, They (Mercury is seen as sexless in vedic mythology) will pass through the rays of Surya, being exact on the 1st & 2nd of August which can cause a kind of brilliance; Mercury rules the mind, the analytical process, how we think and organise our thinking. In this sense, combustion can be a highly creative time.  

However, it is best to avoid getting over your head in regards to business affairs and signing contracts. Save that important discussion or meeting for a later day. Use this challenging energy to focus on your tasks, be disciplined with your mind, and you can always come back to solve the problem later. 

On the 8th, Mercury moves through gandanta zone – the knotted, karmic junction of water and fire signs, mercury’s transition, although short, is complicated, emotional and watery – it is best to not trust your thinking at this time. The situation may feel confused or unclear. If you feel the urgency, just wait a little while longer. 

Mercury will enter Leo on the 9th, with combustion clearing after the 10th. As Mercury moves through Leo, it will approach Mars, who it isn’t friendly with. This Mercury Mars conjunction in Leo can stimulate egos, fights, arguments and increase aggressiveness – expect more vaccine debate wars and increased tensions with governments. Mars is the warrior and Mercury is the messenger. You can be assertive without being aggressive. (Leo loves drama however … ; ) Take care from 20-23rd August.

New Moon Cancer – Ashlesha8th August11:50pm
Sun Moon and Mercury are opposed by Saturn. 

For the first half of August, Sun and Mercury are receiving a 7th aspect (opposition) from Saturn. This is a cool and more sober aspect – Sun and Saturn are not friendly energies, so this month continues to highlight the current control and restrictions, such as what we are seeing in Australia, in particular, Sydney.
Cancer/Capricorn is the axis of home/work – Family and career. Issues in the workplace, with bosses an colleagues are likely to continue.

Ashlesha is a complex energy, known as the ‘clinging’ star. It’s animal is the Cat and is connected to the nagas, the serpents which entwine, bind & constrict, thus linking it intimately to the kundalini shakti and the process of transformation. Cancer is home for the moon, so it has an innate comfortability here, yet Ashlesha is ruled by mercury, so we have the moon/mercury dynamic which tends to lean toward analysis of emotions, rather than the free flow feeling.

Nagas are feared for their mysterious and unpredictable natures , yet they are ancient carriers of wisdom and knowledge. Snakes keep their poison externally – it can be used to heal or hurt. The Yoni symbol for Ashlesha is the Cat, and this star connects to mysticism, manipulation, intellect, occult knowledge and wisdom but also secrecy, seduction, cunning and deceit. On a more evolved level, this energy can be used to explore greater heights in one’s passion, creativity, sexuality and healing.

With Mercury, crossing gandanta that evening, difficult emotional situations are likely to arise – especially if the snakes have been suppressed. Emotions may feel knotted, you may feel overwhelmed. If you are in a good space internally, you can use this energy for deep meditation, or creative work.

This moon highlights all that is mystical, magical yet also deceptive within ourselves. A good time to explore the shadows and create deeper intimacy with your deepest fears. Purge, cleanse, let go, accept and move into brighter spaces.

Venus enter Virgo – 12th August
Continuing on the theme of relationships, when venus enters the sign of practical, duty bound virgo, venus feels somewhat confined. Virgo is also the Rooster in Chinese astrology, and the annoying thing about rooster (no offence intended!!) is that they like to peck and pick at things. While Virgo has an excellent eye for details, it is not the best for relationships, as relationships do not thrive in a critical environment. 

Having said that, you are likely too critical and hard on yourself, always wanting to improve, which is probably why you might do that with your partners. Perfection is a myth and often a disguised attempt to channel anxiety. Slow down a little more and shift the focus from finding faults to finding gratitude. 

Self worth is another theme of Venus, as is vehicles and finance. Know your worth and walk away from anyone who refuses to see that.

Friday is Venus Day – run a bath, have a date night, bake a cake, donate to a women’s shelter, be creative, paint, draw, sing, make love, tune into the softer, yummy Venusian vibes and be a little more gentle with yourself 😉

Warren Buffet, one of the world’d richest business men has a debilitated Venus in Virgo, in the 10th house – this highlights his ability to take a practical and pragmatic approach to wealth creation and management – he still lives in the same house he bought over 30 years ago!

Sun enters Leo – Leo Season begins!18th August

The Sun will also move through gandanta – from the 16th – 18th – this is a big transition time and an emergence to a fresh beginning. Take it easy over these days, you are likely to feel more tired. From the watery undercurrent, the Sun can shine brightly again. This will be a positive and optimistic time as Jupiter is supporting the Sun with a 7th Aspect – it will feel like a big relief to move away from the heaviness of Saturn. This time will also coincide with restrictions easing in Sydney, toward to end of the month.

However, Leo is bold, bright, a little self centred, with a touch of narcissism, (like most fire placements) Leo wants to be seen, to shine, to appreciate and be appreciated. I often find Leo people radiate an impersonal kind of warmth, just as the sun shines on the whole land, without discrimination. If you have a Leo in your life, make sure they know you notice their efforts, they love to make people feel special, and like to feel special to you  – words of affirmation is a love language! 

Otherwise, in the world we are likely to see some big dramas in the news – fires or explosions cannot be ruled out … 

The Full Moon will be on the 22nd in Aquarius and with a strong Mars Mercury conjunction/planetary war, this could be heated! Stay tuned for my Full Moon Post later in the month.

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Stay safe and calm this month, fellow star travellers,
With Love,
Darinka xx

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