Dark Moon Dreaming

This New Moon will occur on the 8th of August in Cancer / Ashlesha -The Star of Clinging. We are in a type of portal, a threshold – one where we are leaving the poisonous undercurrent of the last degrees of Cancer, and moving toward Magha, the first part of Leo, the home of kings, rulers and leaders.

This constellation is home to the Nagas (serpents)  –  seductive, wise, keepers of wisdom & poison, Cunning, slippery, clinging, squeezing, shedding – Snakes and serpents are primordial creatures, connecting us to our ancient cosmic heritage.
The snake has no eyelids, and never blinks – they have forked tongues, and forked reproductive organs and are known to copulate for days or weeks, with one or many more.

People born under this star, or with many planets in Ashlesha can be both austere, philosophical, wise, reclusive, as well as extremely selfish, immoral, licentious, deceptive and venomous. It depends on the evolution of the individual soul and how they utilise the potency of this energy.

Ashlesha people can be great healers – sexual energy transformed, integrated and elevated becomes profound healing energy. The Caduceus – Symbol of Hermes (Mercury) has been mistakenly adopted as a symbol of healthcare & medicine, especially in the U.S. The correct form is the Staff of Aesculapius – which features a single snake wrapped around a staff – This is used in the logo of the WHO.

Interestingly, the Caduceus is the Symbol of Hermes / Mercury who rules Ashlesha. While the symbol of intertwining serpents has been around for thousands of years, it carries ancient associations to thieves, liars, negotiation, business, wisdom and alchemy – Which fall under the domain of Mercury, and thus is seen in the nature and functioning of Ashlesha.

It is fascinating to see how these universal symbols play out from the energetic sources into the material world.

This new moon is an invitation to truly shed your skin now. Look deeply into your shadow – The dark side of the moon. What has been disowned that so desperately longs to be held?

The snake enters its period of hibernation, preparing to emerge as the moon traverses Gandanta overnight. ( the sensitive zone between fire and water) What makes this moon challenging is that Mercury is about to move through gandanta, so the confusion, insecurity and potential for trickery/manipulation/ mental-emotional confusion is amplified. On a practical level, beware of mercury retrograde similar type mixups, emails, texts, thoughts, thinking etc.

The Sun is also being opposed by retrograde Saturn – they are in harmonious energies, adding to the current emotional cocktail, in which we are still seeing severe restrictions imposed by governments – Saturn in Capricorn reflects the restructuring in the foundations of how we live and work in the world, due to the pandemic. There is no straight forward answer, or solution – people are doing the best they can. We need to remember that.

How to work with this moon :
If you are in a healing, self development time :

> Shadow work, bodywork, psychotherapy
> Allowing fears, paranoia and the deep unconscious to emerge.
> Holding space for the shadows. Remember, your loving awareness is the light.
> Meditation, watching your breath and thoughts as they arise
> Avoiding petty quarrels, arguments and ego-trips.
> This is a potent time for healing, rejuvenation and deep listening.

For those who are working in the spiritual realms, simplicity in thought and action leads to a smoother ride. Argument /fight waiting to happen? Just let it go. Boring! Words are ultimately empty. Silence, is often the best answer.
Save your energy for poetry, transmute it in the bedroom, or alchemise the energy in an alternative, life enhancing way. If you have Cancer/Capricorn axis highlighted in your chart, you may be feeling these recents transits strongly!

For deeper analysis and insights into what is currently happening for you, book in for a consultation. Various options available.

Otherwise, stay safe and calm.
With love, Darinka xx

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