Venus in Virgo & The REAL Lion’s Gate

Hey Star Travellers, today im talking about Venus and her shift into Virgo over the next 4 weeks.

When Venus occupies the sign of the virgin, we find her in her ‘fall’ or, debilitated – this means it is not easy for Venus to express her sweet, unconditional devotion

Venus manifests her energy in the heart chakra – when our heart is open and happy we love openly and freely. Our capacity for love is not based on what someone can do for us, rather, it is an unconditional sweetness of emotion.

Most of modern love these days is transactional; ‘what can I get, instead of, what can I give?’ 

When Devotion is maligned, it becomes co-dependent
When Love decreases, fear-related behaviour arises,
When romance disappears, criticism is ripe

Dear Virgo,

We love you for your attention to detail, your systemisation, organisation, and service oriented approach to life. Your ability to find solutions to problems is admirable, however, leave it outside of your relationship. Love cannot thrive in a picky environment, worrying, fussing and trying to fix something which ain’t broke. Your relationships will thrive in a space of trust, teamwork, and devotion, not criticism and micro management. Focus on the love you can give, rather than the love you receive, you may be surprised at how quickly your relationships transform.

This Venus cycle can highlight the need to communicate what we need and value – remember a boundary doesn’t exist until it is spoken. Don’t expect people to read your mind. Be fearless and trust that other people want to love you the way you would like to be loved

And the ones that don’t? Let them go.

Issues are likely to be heated, as Mercury who is channeling the Virgo vibe is in close quarters to Mars in Leo. It is a volatile combination, as Jupiter is sitting opposite, fanning the flames. If certain relationships have been on the rocks I see this time period could indicate endings for some people, or a reassessment. Take care in business partnerships and your female friendship circles.

For the next month, especially if you are a Libra or Taurus dominant individual, it is time to pay attention to your health. Virgo is a sign connected with healing, service and purification. Venus rules over the kidneys, bladder, the throat, neck, semen, menstruation and the endocrine system. Keep a good routine, purify, cleanse, fast. Venus is about self worth and values. Beauty is more than skin deep, it is about creating vitality from deep within the organs & tissues of the body.

Supercharge your health – Find out your constitution and get realigned. I recommend @VitalVeda and @Gaia_Herbalist 

Avoid sudden changes to your appearance, spontaneous spending sprees, lest you suffer buyer’s remorse! Definitely not the best time to buy a new car! Relationships may go through some changes. Businesses can do well with some practical and pragmatic planning and restructuring as we are also receiving a 120 degree (trinal) aspect from our beloved Shani, Saturn, – This is a time for mature love, and realistic expectations. Saturn can help us to stabilise our expenses and manage money responsibly.

Exact aspect happens on the 23rd – The same date as the REAL Lion’s Gate. Why is this significant?? Read more about it here

Healing Virgo : Over analysis leads to paralysis. 

Balancing negative virgoan traits involves the lessons of Pisces (where venus is exalted, meaning maximum benefit) – Pisces is the mystic, the one who sees, the place of no mind, and the place of  Faith – Letting Go and letting God.

Supporting Venus

  • Om Hreem Shreem Maha Lakshmiyeh Swaha x 108
  • Bija Mantra – Om Shum Shukraya Namah & seed Mantra YAM for the heart – mantras purify & harmonise the mind and heart. 
  • Wearing white, and soft-toned clothing
  • Donating to women’s shelters/charities on fridays (Venus Day)
  • Supporting your female friends
  • Perfumes, flowers, scents – uplifting and refining the senses – avoid coarse and heavy things.
  • Connecting to goddesses such as Laksmi, Parvati, Annapoorneshwari

Stay calm and centred beautiful people.
This too shall pass.

With Love,

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