September Cosmic News – Planets in Strength, Changes afoot

Key Dates:

6 Sept:  
– Mars moves to Virgo
– Venus moves to Libra
7 New Moon LEO
12 Moon debilitated cnj Ketu in Scorpio
15 Jupiter moves into Capricorn
17 Sun moves into virgo
21 Full Moon – Uttara Bhadrapada + Equinox
27 Mercury Retrograde

Hello beautiful people – 

September sees planets strong in their own signs – overall, support and energy returns. Relationships improve, Mars is combust the Sun untill Nov 25, Saturn is slowing down to move direct in October, Jupiter retrogrades back into Capricorn. The month closes in with a bright full moon in Pisces on Equinox, and the final Mercury retrograde for the year begins for 3 weeks. 

Mercury is strong in its own sign, having just entered Virgo on the 27th of August. It meets with a debilitated Venus, relationships are improving, the mind is clear and can focus. Communication becomes easier. The evolution of our species rests in how we use our intelligence – Work at making your mind your friend this month.

6 Sept:
Mars moves to Virgo – 6 Sept – 22 October
Combust (too close) to the sun till Nov. 25

A major theme this month in an ongoing on/off mars/mercury war – the warrior and the communicator struggle for power. At the same time, Mars is currently invisible, being hidden by the Sun. This makes it weaker and unable to manifest its full strength. When planets are hidden they are said to be in the underworld – it is a time to work on our mars energies, usually what we see is lack of energy, anger outbursts, greater impatience, intolerance and being too stubborn.

Mars in Virgo is in an enemy sign, and is continuing this frustrating theme that we have felt through August. Virgo is the natural 6th sign, and the place of conflict, litigation, strife and debate. It is a house of intelligence too, as Mercury rules Virgo. The ability to fight a case, the strategise and plan can be seen here. The important thing is to find out what is right, rather than who is right.

Fights, arguments and clashes – The need to be right, the need to assert oneself, the need to be heard, to have a voice and to speak has become pertinent – Communication can be sharp, critical, incisive, and controlling. Virgo aims for purity and perfection, Mars can become aggressive with its agenda. Use this energy to get things organised, filed, sorted. A time for cleaning and clearing. Taking practical action & efficiency. Avoid micromanaging, controlling and overthinking a situation.

Venus moves to Libra  – 6 Sept – 3rd Oct
Venus is gaining in strength now, as shemoves into her home territory, a time of strength and refreshment for Librans and Taureans. New relationships may begin, however, Saturn is casting a challenging ‘square’ 4/10 aspect onto Libra, so as Venus moves through, she will come under his gaze. 

Saturn is about facing reality, some truths may come to the surface and a restructuring of relationships and finances may occur. A time to be realistic about relationship goals, desires, needs and wants. The 10th aspect means there may be changes around what you value in the workplace and within business relationships, new ones begin, old ones may go through a transition. Finances improve, there can be slow and steady growth at this time. 

7th Sept – New Moon  10:52 am in Leo, in the lunar mansion Purva Phalguni
This upcoming new moon invites us to take a break and a rest from the ‘work’ – somehow so many of our wounds stems from not feeling enough in some way – not enough self value, worth, money, knowledge, finances, family, happiness etc – this ‘not enough’ paves the way for neuroses and obsession, where one hungrily devours out in the world to satiate this deep inner longing. Purva Phalguni is a place in the zodiac where the soul can take a break. Reminding us that we are working to have a Life, not living to Work. And who said work has to be so “hard” – it can also be done joyfully no? Somehow the trees, they grow, the plants fruit, and flowers blossom. 

Who said it has to be hard? When you hit a wall, who says you have to ‘hit’ the wall? Maybe its there so you can rest on it!

Midday snooze …

The Sun is bright and strong in Leo, and still receiving a positive aspect from Jupiter in Aquarius – It is a powerful time for self actualisation and personal power. We are continuing to see the disparity between leaders and the people. 

P.P carries the vibration of Sun/Venus – these two share an inharmonious relationship – Venus, Planet of relationship gets burned by the Sun, who is solitary by nature – There may be some insights about your current relationship, or previous relationships that may come to light.

New moons are good for spiritual practices as the Jiva atman unites with the Atman, The individual soul spark unites with Soul – the light of consciousness. Enjoy the deep spaciousness and silence of new moon as opportunities to stay within and enter the dreaming. Meditation and spiritual practices are favoured – the veils are thinner at this time. 

Otherwise, it is a good time for enjoyment, art, pleasure, lovemaking, comfort, baths, all the yum, fun stuff.

12th Sept – Moon debilitated conjunct Ketu in Scorpio
A short, monthly transit – moon passing through its debilitation sign can mean a low couple of days, or a day where there are heavier thoughts/emotions – compounded by Ketu who is dissociative by nature- good for introspection, spiritual practice, artistic and creative endeavours. Don’t buy into negative self talk, like clouds, they come and go. Pay attention to your gift and genius x

15 Sept – Jupiter moves back into Capricorn
Jupiter re-enters its sign of debilitation, in the last stretch of his retrograde. The 0 and 29th degree of a sign is a sensitive juncture, planets here are in a place of transition and hence are unsettled, like moving house. It can magnify and derail their significations. Take care, especially of you are Sag or Pisces rising or moon.

As well as that, Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn. As a Dharma planet, morals, laws, ethics, can get stunted. Corruption in politics is a clear manifestation of the loss of Dharma, where power is mis- used for exploitation and control. We are seeing so much enforced control and yet the people are finding creative ways to stand up and defy tyranny.

Finances may go through a dip or a reversal, issues with husbands or male partners may re -surface. Situations which were occurring around April may return. Saturn applies more restrictions, discipline and patience is required.

Keep in mind that Saturn is slowing down in Capricorn, we are feeling more tired and lethargic as work load appear to feel heavier and heavier – bad habits may return – best to not overburden yourselves or place too much excess pressure on yourselves at this time. It will get heavier before it gets lighter. Stay Calm. Situations will ease up after Oct 19th, When all planets are direct.

17 Sept – Sun in Virgo
Virgo Season begins as the Sun makes his annual journey through the sign of the maiden.Increase focus on practical affairs, routine, health, healing, service, creativity, mending things, getting the home in order, tangible results in business, steady gains and growth

16-17- 18 are delicate days for the Sun as it is in Sandhi, leaving one place and arriving at a new place. Avoid any major changes around here – Leo rising may feel this the most.

Full Moon Pisces : Water under the Bridge + Mercury Retrograde in Libra/Virgo
Chandra (Moon) reaches culmination in the nakshatra (star) of Uttara Bhadrapada, located from 3’20  -16’40 mins of Pisces. U. Bhadra is governed by Saturn, Pisces by Jupiter.
Mercury has just entered its home ground of Virgo, and will zoom through this earthy and practical sign over September, briefly dipping into Libra, before retrograding for three weeks on the 27th Sept – 19 oct.

Please stay tuned for a separate blog/video on this.

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Have a great month,
Stay safe and calm,

With love, Darinka x

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