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Hey Star Travellers — Welcome to 2022 !

The Gregorian new year begins without any specific astronomical relevance, and so we ‘begin’, yet are continuing the themes of 2021 (until the *true* new year in April)

In India and to followers of Sanatana Dharma, the new year is marked by the month ‘Chaitra’, which spans March-April every year. The new solar year is when the Sun moves into Aries, its exaltation sign, on April 14.

It is said in the Brahma Puranas that Lord Brahma began the creation of the universe on the Shukla Pratipada Tithi – which is the first lunar phase after the new moon in in Pisces, in the month of Chaitra.

In Vedic timekeeping, a solar year is called ‘Samvatsara’, a 60 year cycle based on the interplay of the orbits of Saturn and Jupiter, with each year carrying specific significations and meanings.

Within that 60 year cycle there are 12×5 Jupiter Yugas.⁠

We are currently in the last 4 months of one of these yugas which began in 2017. ⁠

It is interesting to note the definitions for the years in which we have been in the pandemic :⁠

2019- 20 – Vikārī  (vikāra) Sick, ill, afflicted with some disease or mental disturbance. – It also translates at repugnant or repulsive

2020 – 21 Shārvari – Sharvari means “night or twilight” or “pernicious or murderous” –  according to hindu/vedic ancestral predictions, this year is known to bring famine and trouble

2021- 22 – Plava  – Refers to the animal “pelican” or a boat – a vessel which carries us across. This year has been about carrying ourselves and others, across difficult terrain, we have certainly crossed significant thresholds.⁠

*2022 – 23* –  Shubhakruth – ‘Shubha’ means auspicious or good and ‘Shubhakruth’ means the doing of the deeds of auspiciousness or goodness. There is indication of success in undertakings

We can say that, although 2022 starts instability and uncertainty, we can expect auspiciousness, improvement and growth.

Key Events this month:

Mars crosses the 4th Dec solar eclipse degree point triggering potentially explosive and intense events on the days surrounding NYE. The planet of war, courage and willpower is strong in its own sign and powerful in Jyestha, the last part of Scorpio where deep poisons, strength and power lie.

14 – 19 Jan are powerful/intense days for Scorpio/Aries moon/asc people in particular, but will affect us all in different ways. Mars will be crossing the sensitive, knotty and karmic Gandanta region of space. Water/fire – contrast of elements, intense astral energies catalyse powerful events, transforming insights, strong emotions and actions, and courageous deeds. It can also trigger violence, power plays and accidents

16/17 Jan – Mars moves to Sagittarius, Mula nakshatra, revisiting the same place when the pandemic began 2 years ago. We have an opportunity to return to roots, to re evaluate the last two years of actions and expression of Will, to re align our selves with a greater purpose and vision.

Chandra has re-entered the serpents wheel of time for the next two weeks, creating a full Kaal Sarpa Yoga. Right now, we are caught in the middle of some very unsettling, unstable, turbulent and weird energies. ⁠

Over the course of NYD, the moon passes through its most difficult region of space, transiting through Jyestha Scorpio, crossing the vulnerable gandanta bridge.
It can be an emotionally volatile and intense, yet also spiritually uplifting time.

New Moon 2-3 Jan
18°10′ Sagittarius – Purva Ashada

Sun, Moon + retrograde Venus in Sagittarius now, make for a fiery yet inspired new moon energy. Jupiter in Aquarius is promoting new forms of healing, adaptation and changes and wisdom to deal with the uncertainties & ups and downs of the ever fluctuating Mind.

Purva ashadha is a fierce and aggressive star. Its deity is Apas, who governs all aquatic bodies and regions. It is ruled by Venus, who’s current brightness and apparent reversal is teaching us poignant lessons around love, worth and value.

It’s shakti is ‘varchograhana shakti’ – The Power of Invigoration. One of its symbols is a fan, suggesting the ability to fan away difficulties, to provide relief and support, or fan the flames of discord. Purva Asahdha translates to ‘early victory’ – giving an element of being undefeated and invincible. This obviously can have negative connotations as P.A people may not be privy to their own limitations and set themselves up for failure.

May this new moon invite us to direct our attention inwards, to observe our limitations, to cleanse and purify, to notice relationship patterns and the correlations between your self worth and what surrounds you. May the invigorating power of Purva Ashadha inspire us to continue to move forward + upward, fanning away troubles, yet not ignoring them, and move into the new year with grace, wisdom and in-sight.

Kaal Sarpa Yoga 14 Dec – 25 April

Kaal Sarpa means ‘Serpent of time. This yoga is a planetary union, a pattern in which all the visible planets fall on one side of the Rahu/Ketu axis. The moon has just formed this yoga again for the next two weeks, as it has moved back into the loop.

It often found in charts of prominent people, politicians and artists. This yoga is generally unfavourable, indicating an unstable and unpredictable times/events with the potential for both great gains and great losses.

Events occur which can be strange, unusual or freakish. There can be strong feelings of ambition, obsession or irrational fears/anxieties. Things may feel out of control. It is best to expect the unexpected, allow plenty of room for delays and sudden changes, but be mindful of taking any drastic decisions now.

Since the nodes affect us on the psychological level, we must strengthen and fortify our minds with regular practices such as mantra, asana, pranayama, meditation and other yogic disciplines. It doesn’t have to take much time of the day, but it is a direct remedy to offset the difficult effect it can have on our fluctuating minds.

Venus Retrograde in Sagittarius ’till 29 jan

Venus spends 6 weeks retrograding from early Capricorn and back into Sagittarius, spending most of her time in Sag. Venus retrogrades every 18 months. What was happening for you the last time she went retrograde in May 2020?

Venus is hidden by the Sun, symbolically in the underworld now, and will eventually emerge as the bright morning star. It is a time of evaluation, gestation and rebirth. Venus/Shukra relates to our sense of self worth and value, vehicles, relationships, spouse and female partners/friends – the feminine, watery, creative aspects in life. She is the quality of sweetness.

Met a new flame during the year? This retrograde cycle may cause you to question your choices. You may decide to fly solo now or deepen your bond. Expect changes and separations, or reconciliations of long lost friends/lovers. People from the past may re -appear.

Not the time to buy a new car. Avoid marriage or commitment bonds during this time. Re-address your relationship standards, most importantly with yourself. How you treat yourself reflects in what you allow from others.

Venus is the guru of the Asuras, and connects to the water element. In Sagittarius, there can be conflicting ideologies. Water puts out fire; Emotion and pleasure (Venus) is at odds with Jupiter’s Fire of Truth and spiritual purity. The answers may not be straightforward now, advice is to not rush, take your time, be thorough with your plans and thinking.

Mercury Retrograde 14 Jan
Mercury in Capricorn 30/12/ 21-

Mercury begins its first retrograde for this year, in Capricorn. They (Budh is genderless, but often referred to as ‘he’ ) will have a long stay in this practical, workhorse and pragmatic earth sign. What can we expect?

Mercury speeds along, coming very close to Saturn, then moves backward on the 14th,
He will be combust (burnt) by the Sun from 19th,
Conjoining Pluto again from 29th, slowing down on the 1st feb, before being stationary, moving direct on the 4th of Feb.

Expect your usual communication mishaps, crossed wires, lost messages, double emails, scattered minds, messy desks, late trains, missed planes, changed dates, keep in mind we are in kaal sarpa as well. Our minds are not clear, in capricorn, they may be a little more gloomy as the harsh reality (Saturn) of the world shines brightly, as we can see things for what they are rather than for what we want them to be. It may not be pleasent but the opportunity is to practice neither aversion or attraction.

Re assessing the mindset, thinking styles and mental magnetism is a boon during retrogrades as things tend to not work as well. We are forced to go back and re-visit things, to find the holes and errors, repair and making stronger.

With Venus still retrograde and the intense Kaal sarpa, causing us to dip in and out of strong psychological and illusory forces, draw back within, always maintain your centre, maintain a calm and steady breath, allow your mind to unfurl and move beyond its arrogances, rigidities and limitations, bend, yield, walk back some steps.
Let yourself be criticised, see things from a new angle.

All relationships are being tested now with a powerful opportunity for renewal, re birth and a re start.


There are always multiple energies happening, but these are the key themes for January.

Book in for a consultation to explore what the year has for you, and don’t forget to grab a copy of your free e-book, an introduction to vedic astrology

Have a great month!
Love, Darinka

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