Mercury Retrograde : Detours Ahead & Un-pretzeling the Mind

“Instead of resisting to changes, surrender. Let life be with you, not against you. If you think ‘My life will be upside down’ don’t worry. How do you know down is not better than upside?”― Shams Of Tabriz

14 Jan – 4 Feb
Meeting with Saturn, Pluto, Combust the Sun

Esoterically, Mercury is the celestial bridge from the heavens to the mind of humans. Mercury is Buddhi – the intellectual, curious, analytical and logical aspect of the human mind. Intelligence can be seen as the ability to adapt to change.

A long sojourn through Capricorn, the intellect gets a hearty dose of re- structuring, discipline, restrictions and facing limitations creatively. Mercury will be burnt by the sun and meeting with pluto adding more intensity, confusion and twisty thinking.

An excellent time to practice managing the mind. Be aware of becoming too pessimistic. Reality may be harsh at times, but avoiding it makes its that much more heavy. We must pray for the courage and strength to overcome our difficulties, instead of trying to escape. It is not a clear time right now. We are not thinking the best. Upgrading our mindset would be good to do now. See how you may be limiting yourself with your choice of words and story making.

The paradox of feeling pain deeply, allows it to move through you, transforming your heart, mind and being. It builds resilience and mental strength. It is a lifelong inner practice. Prayer may sound cheesy and affiliated with religion, but there is a deeper space of harmony and peace within, a journey each person can only walk themselves.
Keep inquiring. Use the mind instead of letting the mind run loose.

Capricorn is a managerial sign; disciplined, with strong work ethic, respect for rules, with a penchant for the traditional. Mercury’s retrograde passes through Sravana and Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra, which are ruled by the Moon and Sun respectively. Duality seems to be engulfing, as our entire lives and physiology are governed by the rising and setting of the two luminaries. All of life occurs under the domain of Light and Darkness.

Sravana means listening to the sacred sounds, to the voice of the inner guru, Uttara Ashada connects us to the glory of success following periods of hard work and limitations. With Mercury retro coinciding with Venus retrograde, it is a time where matters of self worth, value and their deep foundations are up for review. What is of great importance, is what we think about ourselves.

This inner dialogue can make or break a person. There may be all manners of difficulties happening around you, but if you believe the negativity and make it your own, then it can weaken you. This is hard part, and the great bridge to cross. Everyone has the ability to cross it. Remember if you are tired, learn to rest, please don’t quit.

Developing mental strength means learning to become your own best friend. Becoming the parent you didn’t have, being compassionate, kind and gentle with yourselves at the same time being firm, disciplined and organised.  This has effects across all domains of life (depending on which houses re being highlighted in your chart)

“ When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change ” 
There is always another way to view things. Do I need to pretzel or unpretzel my mind?

Reflect, Reimagine, Reinvent … Retrograde implies the gradual slowing down and reversal of situations. It can feel immensely frustrating when things don’t appear to go the way we  want them. We doubt and question ourselves, double back, cancel at the last minute, become mentally foggy and uncertain. When communications get muddled, we feel misunderstood, or travel plans go awry (Mercury).
Retrograde motion means it is time to rethink, beliefs, attitudes, actions and assumptions. It also means slow down and consider all your options. Don’t take a decision if it all feels too much. Life is what happens when everyone else is busy making plans.

Are there choices worthwhile re-considering?
Is your current life reflecting your true values? 
This could be a time for re-negotiation of terms and conditions and mental attitudes.

Dates in particular: 13/14/15 Jan and 4/5/6 Feb when Mercury is standstill, and on Wednesday’s – Mercury’s days – These days are when we feel the effects of retrogrades the strongest, especially more so if you are Virgo or Gemini rising or Moon. It is best to avoid travel on these days if you do have to travel in this time. Otherwise just give yourself extra time and plan for delays. No biggie!

During Mercury retrograde:

Expect: Brilliant new ways of doing things, creative thinking enhanced, also mis-understandings, arguments, breakups/resolutions/reconciliations, solutions to long standing problems, or more confusion, a long awaited message appears, people from the past may return, business may slow down, situations reverse, computer/phone glitches, electrical issues, cloudy thinking, weaker health, impulsive texts, buyers remorse, vehicle repairs, obstacles/ delays in negotiations, breakthroughs.

Do : Review, reset, rethink, slow down, reconnect, expand your mind, challenge your thinking, let yourself be wrong, healthy debates, get organised, clear clutter, chant mantras. It’s ok to be a little less logical, reflect on your inner narrative and storylines. Be creative. Let your mind play on different tangents/currents/thought-streams.

Get a second medical option if feeling unsure. Back up your devices, clean out your computer. Get those things fixed on your car. Take care of your body, get a massage. Detach from the duality drama. It will never stop, so you have to.
Breathe deeply, meditate, practice asanas. Return home to your inner spring when feeling overwhelm. The tides of your breath is your truth. 

Dont: Sign contracts, avoid travelling or making sudden decisions, engage in arguments or take on too much.  Not the best time to  change business plans suddenly, speak harshly, engage in narrow in thinking, or buy a new car (venus).

Avoid making any major financial commitments/major contracts. If unsure of a certain outcome, or if waiting on something, expect clarity after 5th Feb. Especially if you are ruled by Mercury – Venus or Gemini Rising/Moon. Venus ruled folk expect clarity to return after Jan 29, when Venus moves direct.

I find Mercury retrograde a good time for artists, writers and creatives and spiritually aligned folk. Uranus squaring Capricorn (and Saturn + Mercury) can electrify the situation and inject bolts of brilliance.

Enjoy the process, stay calm and meditate.

As Dr.Svoboda often reminds us in his talks, of his Guru Vimalananda’s words:
“We must learn to live with Reality, lest reality will come to live with us!”

Be well,
Love, Darinka x

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