Feb Starry Times – Saturn’s Diamonds

1 – New moon Capricorn | Sravana @ 4:46pm
4 -Merc Direct
3 , 4, 5 – Sun Saturn Conjunction | Combustion

10 – Kal Sarpa Yoga breaks for 2 weeks
12 – 13 – Sun Sandi – Sun moves to Aquarius
17 Full Moon Leo | Magha @ 3: 56 Am

24 – Kal Sarpa begin again
27 Mars moves to Capricorn
28 All planets (except nodes ) in two signs – Yuga Yoga

The theme for this month is 


Everyone’s favourite planet!
the Lord of Death, Time and Karma
The one who delivers that which we do not wish to receive,
The one who grants the greatest boons, yet, one who is a relentless taskmaster
The one who makes us face actions of the past,
The one who’s job is to humble us.

Saturn rules the knees, and bend we must, as sorrows seem to rob us of joy, there in lies the great paradox and the divine relationship between:
The capacity for sorrow and the capacity for true joy and liberation.

Whats happening ?

Jupiter is in Aquarius, Sun will join in on the 13th (currently in Capricorn)
Mercury is retrograde about to go direct in Capricorn & Saturn is combust (burnt) the sun, while chugging away at home, making sure everyone is working hard and not taking shortcuts. 

Adding to the Saturnalia, by the end of the month, Venus and Mars who travel quite close together over Feb and March, will also move into Capricorn. Most planets will be in Capricorn + Aquarius, reflecting the earth and air aspects of Saturn.

The cherry on top is the ongoing Kaal Sarpa yoga, where all planets are hemmed between the Rahu & Ketu, the lunar nodes, squeezing us even more!
It is a powerful, exciting, profitable, futuristic, stagnant, unpredictable and volatile time.

We are not yet out of the restrictive grip of Saturn, and for this month especially, there needs to be greater patience and a broader vision to deal with the limitations which may seem very binding, we are being asked to see the blessings in disguise.

New Moon is an invitation to silence, stillness and solitude, given the intensity of the astro climate, withdrawing and detaching is good medicine, continue drawing inwards and into your centre, cultivating deep listening. Remember, the greatest power you have is what you give attention to. Use your prana wisely.

Mercury finally moves direct on the 4th of Feb, (so everything is your own fault again!) Take care on the days leading up to and just after, avoid travelling then if you can. It will be easier to take decisions after this time.

Venus & Mars are travelling very closely together throughout the month and into March as well. These are relationship planets, water and fire, in Sagittarius makes for steamy, passionate, but also argumentative and volatile times especially in close dynamics. They will be in ‘planetary war’ on and off, so we need to be careful.

Egos can run high, especially with all the other challenges right now. Some relationships are likely to end, given that Venus has also moved direct, many have a greater sense of their worth and value and are ready to evolve and move on.

Sun is particularly weak and unsupported at the moment as he is very close to Saturn, leading up to the 12th/13th, when Sun moves into Aquarius. This is called Sandhi, when a planet changes sign, they are neither here nor there. There can be low vitality and tiredness, or more conflict in the workplace, or with authorities. Leo rising and moon – please take care. It’s a time when many are feeling burnt out.

There may be heart related health issues at this time for people who are prone.

Saturn is combust (burnt, too close) the Sun, he is stressed and frustrated, making adherence to rules, laws or those in power challenging … frustrations, rebellion and anger toward restrictions are increasing. This affects Capricorn and Aquarius rising and moons particularly

Greater vitality and wellbeing will be seen as Sun progresses through Aquarius, however we are still under the governance of Saturn. There may be some breakthroughs in regards to health, healing, medicine and ideas, especially as Sun moves closer to Jupiter in March.

Full Moon in Leo, ‘Magha’ on the 17th coincides with the Venus and Mars Planetary war who will be at the exact same degree in Sagittarius, in Purva Ashadha nakshatra – known for its declarations of war – This can be a very fiery and volatile energy, especially for Scorpio, Taurus , Libra and Aries moon or rising.

Full moon can intensify the situation. It is a watery and fiery energy, observe and manage impulsivity and be very mindful of sudden and snap decisions.

It is best to use this big energy creativity and collaboratively instead of getting ‘at’ each-other and fighting over petty ideologies and mind games. 

Moon in Magha connects to Ketu and is the domain of the ancestors. Ruled by the Sun, who is in the humanistic and expansive Aquarius – this is about authority, leadership, domination, power, control, but also the past, conservatism, traditionalism with futurism. Honouring the past, but not being limited by it.

Ketu is still in Scorpio for another few months, and he is still dredging up deep secrets, scandals and affairs that had been hidden for a long time. Much has been revealed and still more to come. What skeletons in your closet have you discovered?

New Moon in Sravana – The Star of Listening

Shakti is ‘Samhanana shakti‘ – The power of Connection

An art in itself, how to listen well, how to absorb what is being said, how to digest, and how to respond (if at all). There is a relationship between knowledge, listening and teaching. This star carries a moon/saturn vibration. It can feel serious or sombre, especially since the ruler, Saturn is combust and exhausted right now, but perhaps this is a sinking into the grounded presence of Reality.

Sravana is about listening to  sacred sounds, being silent and still enough to allow the gentle inner voice of spirit to emerge. It can be difficult to slow down the internal landscape long enough to allow the subtleties of life to emerge.

To be silent and still with oneself is one of the most difficult things for an individual to do. Has the imbalance in world around us evolved out of this discrepancy?

A reminder that before colonial times and before the industrial revolution, life was lived in greater accordance to natures timing and laws.

When everything is speeding up, slow down, 
Don’t follow the crowd – they are lost.
When everyone is heading toward the cliff, 
turn around, go the other way. 

The inability to deal with adversity has far reaching consequences – and the consistent avoidance of such reality only makes life seem more challenging. 

No, you might not get that job, or that dream might not come true, or that person you are pining for has gone for good, or no matter how hard you try sometimes you might not always get the kind of money you secretly long for.  And that is OK. Its ok to not have what you want, as it forces you to find contentment with what you have, and with what is. This is the big lessons of saturn, who’s sometimes crippling limitations forces us to go even deeper into the true nature of things.

Saturn is about living with and embracing limitations creatively, discovering deep peace with wanting less, living simply, enjoying solitude and connecting deeply into one’s own nature and self. That is where you touch God, the inner heart. Saturn exalts in Libra, sign of Venus, who sits in the Heart Chakra.

Sorrow is the master doorway.

May your month ahead be guided by the blessings of Vishnu, the preserver, who governs Sravana Nakshatra, that we may enjoy the fruits of the material world without being attached to them, may we gain the blessing of humility and know that really nothing is in our control, to give our sorrows to god, and to deeply trust in the great river of life, and the great mystery around.

Stay Calm, Be Well,
Love Darinka x

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2 thoughts on “Feb Starry Times – Saturn’s Diamonds

  1. Great starry times post!!
    Thanks so much for reaching adorning what is happening within me right now
    Thanks for the awesome advise I really appreciate this astral guidance that allows me to be centered
    Just been praying tonthe sun set and get much calmer
    Thank you Darinka
    Yourbwork is so good for this times of inknow
    Lots of love and blessings to you


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