March Starry Times – A time of Chaos, Conflict and Change

1 Maha Shivratri
3 New Moon Aquarius – Shatabhishak 
6 Mercury moves to Aquarius
8/9/10 Emotional Care Days – Moon Rahu Taurus
15 Sun Moves to Pisces
18 Full Moon Virgo Uttara phalguni  
22/23/24 Emotional Care Days – Moon Ketu in Scorpio
Nodes preparing to move signs

Gears start to slowly change in March as the Sun moves away from the restrictive grips of Saturn and into Jupiter’s sign Pisces.
February ends with a difficult planetary pattern, where all planets are in two signs. 
Mars moves into exhalation in Capricorn on the 26th, conjoining Pluto
Venus follows suit on the 28th. 
All planets are then in Capricorn and Aquarius. 

This is unique pattern called ‘Yuga Yoga’ – it is concentrated and powerful. 

These two signs are ruled by Saturn.
Reality is impossible to ignore. 

They then split again into 3 signs forming a pattern called “Shula Yoga’ which means Shiva’s trident (trishul), until March 15th. It is piercing and sharp, causing pain and difficult situations. 

This is all intensified because these celestial patterns are within the Kaal Sarpa Yoga- where all planets are caught in between Rahu and Ketu – The karmic serpent of time.
Shula yoga forms again at the end of March : 27th – 1 April

Complicated is somewhat of an understatement. 

* 1 March – Maha Shivratri *
A significant event, celebrated across in India, Maha Shivratri means the great night of Shiva. Although there are 12 Shivratris, this Maha (great) Shiv (Shiva) Ratri (night) falls on the last tithi (lunar phase) of the waning lunar fortnight. This day is said to be the unification, or convergence of the two universal forces- Shiva and Shakti – The marriage of Shiva. Unmarried women fast on this day to gain a good partner, and married partners fast to maintain peace and tranquility.

It is a powerful point in space time, to focus on overcoming darkness and ignorance in the world. You can find more information online, or head to your local Hindu Temple and partake in the rituals there. At the least, you could fast on this day, sometimes people even stay up all night to benefit from the powerful cosmic energies at this time. 

Back to the planets…

Mars and Venus are still in the tight conjunction / war -like situation until March 13th – This is not a positive situation as we have the clash of water and fire, creating problems in relationships of all kinds. As Mars Venus move into Capricorn, they meet with Pluto- Yama, lord of death and destiny. This is explosive and intense.

We are seeing this manifesting as Russia started war on Ukraine on the 23rd, just as the Kaal Sarp Yoga formed again, Mars and Venus were in exact conjunction and moon was debilitated in Scorpio.

Venus is also to do with finances – the stock markets have suffered.
As Mars moves closer to Saturn, the pressure increases,  situations in governments, organisations and between leaders will intensify, especially around the 5th and 6th of April. Saturn and Mars are not friendly planets, and this is not a peaceful time.

Lets us hope that the current political climate does not escalate further.

Nothing is retrograde and we are not in eclipse season, which means the positive as well as negative events can follow through with speed and gusto.

It is a very powerful time for Aries and Scorpio moon & rising folk, because ruling planet Mars is exalted, but there are nagging frustrations. Use this energy to get the stuff done and tie up loose ends. There is energy, courage, fortitude and stamina to move ahead, however it is aggressive and possibly too strong, so be mindful of power struggles in your own lives, and unnecessary conflict.

Venus struggles, Libra and Taurus ruled folk may be feeling unusually tired, burdened and burnt out – don’t push it right now. Your time will come when Venus moves away from all the conflict and transits its exaltation sign of Pisces on 28th April. Finances and the stock markets should stabilise somewhat after mid April as well.

Capricorn rising and Moon people need to be extra careful this month. If you have Capricorn moon you are in the middle of Sade Sati, so it is particularly challenging and stressful for you. Remedies for Saturn are essential at this time. Accept losses and limitations and avoid sudden changes.

We are in a birthing process. For some, it may feel like the cord is wrapped around the neck – there are labour pain nows – April is a month where many knots come undone, stitches come out and a re rebirth can be experienced. April will see 3 planets + the lunar nodes changing signs, the ending of Kaal Sarpa yoga, the beginning of Vedic new Year when Sun moves to Aries

We are at a hihgly significant point in time. 

3 New Moon in Aquarius – Shatabhishak

This month’s new moon falls in the futuristic and humanitarian sign Aquarius. The sign of the water bearer is ruled by Saturn and the north lunar node Rahu. It is airy, intelligent and aloof. Saturn is our duties, responsibilities and karma, Rahu is future oriented, leading us on our desires, passions but also obsessions.

Shatabhishak means a hundred healers or a hundred demons, there is a light and dark quality to this star, as it is ruled by Rahu – Agent of Shadows. It is a transpersonal star, tangled in a web of enlightenment and confusion. Shatabhishak can be deep thinkers with  profound knowledge of healing and medicine.

Rahu and Saturn at times seem to work in opposite ways, and yet Rahu (north node) is said to be quite similar to Saturn. This is the classic Anxious- Avoidant dance, two polarities of the coin of Fear. Managing the mind’s tendency of grasping and aversion is a quintessential tenet of Buddhist/Vedic psychology. 

It is human nature, so our work is to master our nature, not be a slave to it. 

The new moon beckons the return to the inner self, as the light of the sun obscures the mind (moon). Notice what pushes and pulls you, can you practice staying steady and not yielding to the chaos and confusion?

It is time for rest, reflection and finishing off projects. Leave signing contracts, new projects and more materialistic endeavours till’ the moon begins to wax again, from the 5th of March.

This moon is supported by the expansive and benevolent Jupiter – May his protection, support and wisdom bless us and remind us of the natural abundance which surrounds us in every moment.

8/9/10 Moon Rahu in Taurus
Emotional Care days – When moon moves past the nodes, it can trigger ‘mental health issues’ our prana is more disturbed and unsettled by external events. Although moon is happy in Taurus, it is disturbed by Rahu. A time to return to your centre and pay less attention to triggers, but focus on your inner column of light, return to the regularity of the breath, keep your hands busy to distribute the restlessness. Rahu eclipses the moon (mind) so we think less clearly during these transits.

15th – Sun Moves to Pisces
Sun breaks away from the restriction of Saturn and moves into Jupiter’s sign. Although Jupiter is still in Aquarius, we can feel a greater freedom as vitality starts to return to us. Hopefully the calming and altruistic vibration of Pisces can cool down some of the flames, bringing a greater capacity for peace, understanding & compassion.

Virgo Full Moon on the 18th – Uttara phalguni
This full moon intensifies the ongoing drama that I covered above. Full moons heighten emotions, drawing waters up, flooding the brain. Depending on one’s sensitivity, this could be difficult, for others it can be powerful and transformative. Situations ripen and give fruits.

Uttara Phalguni straddles the end of Leo into the first 10 degrees of Virgo. Its deity is Aryaman, who governs leadership, nobility and the rules of society. It is ruled by the Sun, its animal is the bull. It is known as the star of patronage and it carries Chayani Shakti – The power of giving prosperity.

( Will write a separate blog for this, stay tuned )

22/23/24 Moon in Scorpio with Ketu. 
Emotional Care Days –  These days are more challenging, moon debilitates, lowering our prana, Ketu can make us feel apathetic and detached, on the 24th moon passes the tricky gandanta point (water/fire) triggering knotty and unsettled moods and situations. Often storms and big rains happen. Plan ahead and don’t believe everything you think. If you are going to act suddenly, take a breath and come back to it in a few days. Good days for spiritual activities, cleaning the house, taking a bath etc. 

Challenging times test our faith and strength. The way out is in. As much as there are wars in the world, how many ave wars at home, in your heart, with yourselves?
Unless we evolve psychologically, there is little hope but to witness continual recycling of unconscious Karma in the world. 

Mastering the Mind is the single most powerful thing you can do – to become your own friend, and by extension, align yourself with the supreme reality, with God, who dwells in the hearts of all beings. 

Remember, when there is no enemy within, there is no enemy outside.

Stay calm and grounded this month.
Reach out if you need support – it is there. 
If you would like a reading and struggling with financial constraints, please let me know. 

Darinka x

Artwork by Jada Wilson

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