5 Ways to work with Saturn …. and improve your Karma

“Lord Brahma (The Creator) has written ‘Prarabdha’ – The Destiny (in the form of garlands of alphabets) on the forehead of each newborn which can be deciphered only by the learned astrologer (or seer)”
In this context, Bala Bhadra (15th century persian astrologer) quotes of a verse of VarahaMihira (ancient indian astrologer) :
“Whatever auspiciousness (subha) and inauspiciousness (asubha) was earned in previous births due to one’s various deeds (Karma) will be known through the science of astrology just as a lamp throws light on the articles of darkness.

Commenting on this verse, Bala Bhadra says that :

‘Auspicious and inauspicious placements of various planets in the birth chart merely indicate the good and bad gathered due to the deeds of past birth. The planetary placements on their own do not produce any effect. 

The planets are merely indicator (Suchaka) and not producers (Janaka) of any effect. 

Thus, the planets reflect the effects of our present Karma. They simply act as a medium like a mirror. 

Source: Jyotish : Parashar Code of Prediction

Given the global climate right now, and the particular arrangement of planets in the two signs ruled by Saturn, with Saturn in his last year of being at home in Capricorn, I felt it was timely to write about The Lord of Karma and Time.

His name in Sanskrit is Shani, which means slow, limp or lame. He is the significator of old age, death, wasting diseases, particularly vata imbalances, success, long term goals, longevity, duty, responsibility, discomfort, pain, solitude, sense of touch & vayu tattva (air element). Saturn represents authorities, dark blue or black colour, uniforms, the working class, democracy, obligations, fathers, the western direction, poverty, fear & anxiety. 

He is however, the ultimate yogi who, according to his role in the planetary cabinet, is responsible for delivering to us the fruits of our karmas, in the time they are due to fruit,

Why do we want to focus on the things we want to avoid?
Perhaps we would all prefer a beautiful lie than the ugly truth ? 

If we look around at modern society today – how much energy is spent avoiding discomfort and pain? To soften the harsh blows of life, to not have an uncomfortable conversation, to have food out of season, to have what we want, when we want it, and as much as we want it? At what cost? 

Our buildings are made cheaply, and so structures fall more easily. We avoid being limited and continue to push past natures laws, as though we are somehow beyond them.  

It is as though the comforts of the western pathos hinge upon the destruction and exploitation of the natural world and other less materially affluent societies. 

When we avoid limitations, or refuse to accept them, when we are too easy on ourselves, when we accumulate too much materially – sooner or later the forces of Saturn come along in various ways in order to strip us of these attachments. 

Shani is often depicted riding a vulture, who’s function is to focus on the dead, or barely living, to strip away what is preventing the ultimate transformation, the passage of (ego) death – the confines of materiality. 

Life is a loom of infinite karma, with events interconnected and woven through space & time in the most intricate and infinite tapestry, with all actions having consequences of positive or negative fruits. All actions must be reflected – This is Newton’s law of causation, or more specifically, the Law of Karma.

Saturn exalts in Libra, sign of the scales, where he becomes the judge and democrat; whatever is served must return to sender. It is this main premise of Samkhya philosophy which teaches us, when the time is ripe for us to experience what is due, we must, and there is no avoiding that. 

So here  are 5 ways to work with Saturn (Reality) and improve your life
Remember, when you are tough on yourself, life is infinitely easier on you.

1. Limit meat, alcohol, dry, old & stale foods

Why do we limit meat alcohol and certain foods? They are tamasic (dense) and rajasic (passionate) in nature which aggravate and enhance ‘negativity’ by bringing out our lower natures. It is especially important to avoid these foods and substances on Saturday (Saturn’s day) Fasting on Saturday is a way to offset our karma by choosing to limit ourselves. When we sacrifice something we want or desire, this action ‘makes sacred’ – Saturn doesn’t have to do it for you.

2. Serve, honour and respect your parents, elderly people and grandparents.

Saturn represents elderly, older people in society, as well as our parents and grandparents. By the fact of our birth, we have a karmic ‘debt’ to our parents. We are obligated to take care of them as they once did for us when we were small. 

If we cannot be with family for whatever reason, there are many ways to serve, honour and give back to the elder folk, or disadvantaged of society. Transcending likes and dislikes, takes you to another dimension of being, where personal preferences take a back seat to the priority of accepting our obligations & karmic responsibilities.

3. Live Simply

Limit yourself before Life has to limit you. This follows on from point #1. The first limb of Yoga is Yama, Saturn’s half brother. Yama is also Pluto. Yama is about restraint, the discipline we apply to ourselves in daily life. When you live a naturally simple life, in thought, action and deed, the obstacles, limitations and delays in life have a much lesser impact. You have much less to loose. 

4. Avoid wearing dark/black colours as your main outfit
Dark blue and black are Saturn’s colours – why do we wish to increase difficulties in our life?  Black absorbs, so be mindful when you wear this powerful colour.  Often people who are strongly influenced by Saturn have a downward gaze, tend to be tall, thin, and perhaps a little gaunt.

They may choose older clothes that tend to be black or dark blue. This reflects the vibration of Shani – a yogi may choose older clothes because he is unattached to the material world. To increase wealth, always keep your clothes well  ironed, cleaned, fresh, and bright!

5. Donate, work, fast and meditate on Saturdays

Saturday is ruled by Saturn, the last day of the solar week, the west direction (where sun sets). Saturn exalts in Libra (west), the sign where Sun debilitates (sets). Saturn debiliates in Aries (East) the sign where the Sun Exalts.

Saturn humbles us by reducing the importance the ego has in our lives. This is why his greatest teaching come in painful lessons – painful for the ego, not the soul. Service, karma yoga, and conscious limitation are all part of Saturn’s medicine.

Discipline, duty, humility, forgiveness and a compassionate heart are part of his gifts.

Remember, Calm is your Superpower 🙏
How does this resonate for you? How is your relationship to Saturn?
Would love to hear your experiences!

Love, Darinka

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