Vedic New Year – All Planets Change Signs

April Game changer – All planets change signs – A month of significant and unavoidable change – Fresh cyclical beginnings ensue.

People may be starting new ventures, move house, decide to renovate, move city, state or country, do a massive cull, throwout, cleanup. Breakups and reunions may occur. It is a time of recycling, sorting through the rubble to find what is useful – the beginnings of a fresh foundation.

One of the functions of a good storm is to reveal shaky and unstable foundations, so we may re approach a situation with a greater awareness and strength.

1 April – New Moon Pisces/Revati @ 5:24pm + Venus moves to Aquarius
4-5-6 – Mars Saturn Planetary War
8 – Mars moves to Aquarius 
9 – Merc moves to Aries
13 – Ra/Ke moves to Aries/Libra
14 – Jupiter moves into Pisces 
15 – Sun moves to Aries
17 – Full Moon Libra/Chitra @ 4:55am
25 – Mercury moves into Taurus 
30 – Saturn moves into Aquarius 

Vedic New Year
In India and to followers of Sanatana Dharma, the new year is marked by the month ‘Chaitra’, which spans March-April every year. The new solar year is when the Sun moves into Aries, on April 14.

It is said in the Brahma Puranas that Lord Brahma began the creation of the universe on the Shukla Pratipada Tithi – which is the first lunar phase after the new moon in in Pisces. This is now. Happy New Year 🙏

Perhaps great floods, or earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, solar flares – or any of the great movements of the earth and sun and planets are reminders to us – Of our migratory heritage, of paths to be walked, a change of pattern, a push out of the groove.

To read these signs ahead of time saves us from innumerable losses – cultivating simplicity and less materiality; from the pain of loss to things, preparing us to take flight, when, inevitably the winds do change direction.

Like any good traveller in time and space, we adjust the sails and continue on our way.

This point in time and space is yet another of these junctures, where past and future recoil on themselves, where what is to come is uncertain and yet what was and is, is definitively and irrevocably changed. One cannot go back, and yet, how to move forward is still unclear. 

Take heart in knowing the cogs are still grinding, working out their new grooves. To keep things light and to let go of as much attachment to an outcome. As best as you can, muster the strength to keep your face toward the Great Sun – Do not, in any way try to make things go back to how they were, let what needs to die, die, facilitating a re-birth and emergence into the next phase of life.

We are in Transition Now.  

1 April is the Vedic New Year – Chaitra Shukla Paksha.
Pisces New Moon – Revati, ruled by Mercury. 

The presiding deity is Pushan, the god of nourishment and protection. He promotes and supports compassion, geniality, generosity and devotion

This is a Jupiter/Mercury vibration – father / son, higher wisdom and intellect, faith and reason, flow and fear. It is the end. The last sign, the last moment before a great rebirth and new beginning. The symbol for Revati is a drum. There is a sense of divine timing and rhythm to things. This star promotes healing and tenderness in relationships.

Amavasya – New moon time – Good for all spiritually inclined activities, retreats, withdrawing, introspection, solitude, silence inner work, meditation, slow movements, cleaning and culling. Waters draw in and down. It is time for honouring the receptive, gentle and yielding aspects of self and nature. 

The planets reflect not only events in our physical lives, but also our psychological landscape. This is why Jyotisha is so helpful, and powerful, to be able to  access our minds in this way. The use of symbolism and mythology, are not just abstract terms used by primitive societies, but they in fact, reflect deep layers and nuance within our psychological landscapes and architecture, as well as the motivation and longings of the soul. 

4-5-6 – Mars Saturn Planetary War
This has been an impending buildup of energy, and a major clash is to be expected over these days, especially Saturday and Tuesday, the days ruled by Saturn and Mars, respectively. Perhaps something can be avoided, perhaps some can’t, in all instances patience and calm are your greatest allies. Some things cannot be forced or rushed, so don’t even try. Let go and let god – especially now.

Venus moves to Aquarius – 1 April
Mars moves to Aquarius – 8 April

The two relationships planets have ben in an unusually long tango this year, a planetary war which has triggered great upheavals and changes in relationships of all kinds. Weak relations have ended, others have gone through a period of testing and come out more resilient. 

Venus moves on the same day as the new moon signifying a fresh change and new opportunities for Taurus and Libra ruled folks. 

Mars moves on the 8th, the same day as mercury is going through gandanta pisces to Aries, so take care. Not the day to make a big decision. 

Aquarius is governed by the restrictive Saturn, so we are still feeling his discipline and limitations, though there may be greater healing and scientific or engineering breakthroughs and fresh insights to a long standing issue which has been in a stalemate.

Mercury moves to Aries – 9 April
Mercury moves out of debilitation in Pisces and into Aries, crossing gandanta. He has been in the sign of the fish since 25th of March, and this can often feel quite like a mercury retrograde where emails, words, thoughts and clear thinking get diffuse unclear muddled and confused. Computer glitches are also more likely. 

Gemini and Virgo ruled folk are most affected.

Watch out for Mercury’s Gandanta transit is short, however avoid signing deals or making snap choices in particular on the 8th and 9th – In particular, Mars also changes signs on this day, so take extra care and avoid big activities on this day.

Rau/Ketu Change Signs – 13th April
Every 18 months the lunar nodes change signs, and, as with Jupiter and Saturn, they are slower moving and thus, reflect the greater cyclical changes and themes we experience in society

Since these are the eclipse points, they operate on the subconscious level. 

Look at where the Aries/Libra axis falls in your chart to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of these changes. As with the previous 18 month cycle, where the nodes have been traversing through Taurus and Scorpio, ruled by the relationship planets Venus and Mars, so too Aries and Libra intensifies the inherent push and pull of self vs other, of compromise or not, of to be or to have. The shorter transits of Venus and Mars over this next period will give us more clues to how these lessons manifest and unfold. 

The eclipses will all fall in Aries and Libra, so if you have significant planets in these signs, prepare for great changes ahead. 

Expect breakups, reconciliations, and evolution in existing relationships and all kinds of partnerships. 

Perhaps we can come face to face with our own degree of narcissism and stop protecting the empath-narc myth onto past partners and start taking responsibility for our own un-evolved behaviours. 

Jupiter Moves to Pisces – 14

Great new beginnings for Pisces & Sag ruled folk, as optimism, faith and trust returns. Finally Jupiter finally moves away from Capricorn and Aquarius, and the limitations of Saturn. Jupiter can breathe and bestow his bright and expansive blessings on us. Be mindful of the days leading up to and just after he changes signs, Sandhi, neither here nor there days, esp in combination with all the other changes. Take things slowly now.

Jupiter is relatively unafflicted throughout his 12 month transit through his spiritual home, save for the annual retrograde starting this year in July. Yes to a fresh cycle for Jupiter, the great benefactor and guru – remover of darkness.

Sun Exalted in Aries – 15 April
Gandanta Crossing + Sandhi 13, 14, 15 April

Sun moves to his strongest place in the Zodiac, and the first sign, Aries on 15 April.
Always a bright and powerful time, we can ride on the blessings of Savitur, aligning our individual will with divine intention.

Daily worship with a copper vessel is recommended for a weak sun/weak willpower. 

Sun in Aries is strong and powerful, a good time for new projects and initiatives. Sun ruled folk will feel their energy return, a good time for physical healing and all other healing modalities, starting a cleanse and preparing for the change of seasons. 

The days leading up to the sign change are called sandhi, where a planet is ‘out of bounds’ – in a no mans land. In particular the transition from Pisces to Aries is a rebirth, with significant new beginnings as pisces/aries represents the tail and head of the cosmic human. 

Understanding Gandanta Crossings:

Gandanta transits can be tumultuous, dredging up unresolved karmic situations. Gandanta means ‘knot’ or drowning’ – they harder you to try to unravel, the tighter they get. A different approach is needed. 

Moon and mercury are short transits, so their particular gandanta days are best to watch out for. Sun takes a few days longer, and we can feel low energy or more tired on these days. 

Pisces to Aries
Sun : 13, 14, 15 April
Mercury : 8/9 April

Cancer to Leo
Moon : 12 April

Scorpio to Sagittarius
Moon : 20 April

Theme: TAKE IT SLOWLY, don’t rush anything, let yourself feel, take days off, sleep, nap, rest, play, breathe deeply, meditate, rise before the sun, eat simple, give yourself SPACE, and you will have the TIME to do what needs to be done. Transition period now, birthing process.

As usual, consultations available to help navigate these times, and the greater story of your life. Bookings >>> HERE

Take it easy,
With Love,
Darinka x

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