May Starry Times – Lunar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde & More

Hey Star Travellers,
This month is comparatively lighter than the year so far – we have many planets in strength, and although Mercury will retrograde on the 10th of May, there is a sense of optimism and faith which has felt absent for quite a while. 

Venus and Mars move signs, we are in-between eclipses, therefore we are still in eclipse season, with the last lunar eclipse in Scorpio happening on the 16th. 
However, despite the ups and downs we have the strength to deal with it.

Key Dates :

May 10 – Mercury Retrograde
May 16 – Lunar Eclipse
May 17 – Mars Moves to Pisces
May 15 – Sun Sandhi/moving to Taurus
May 23 – Venus moves to Aries/Gandanta transit
June 3 – Mercury direct
June 5 – Saturn Retrograde

May 10 sees the second Mercury retrograde for 2022. It finishes on June 3rd. It is in the sign of Taurus. In January it was in Capricorn, in September it will be in Virgo. 

Since Mercury or Budha in sanskrit, governs the earth element, this year highlights our relationship to this element even more. 

Ruled by friendly Venus who is currently exalted, this retrograde shouldn’t ruffle too many feathers. It may highlight where we are stuck or stubborn in our thought process. Taurus likes to get comfortable. An opportunity to rethink and re assess situations pertaining to our families; how we relate/communicate with them, our resources; how we use/abuse them and the food/media etc we consume.

Venus is about values, self worth & finance so this retrograde can trigger issues around these matters for healing and resolution. 

Take care on the days 9th, & 11th as Mercury is standstill, expect extra delays. Mercury goes direct on June 3rd, 2 days before Saturn turns retrograde on June 5th Again take care in early June as there will be more delays and setbacks/sudden reversals. 

Avoid any unnecessary travel. Be prepared for the unexpected. Not a great day to have meeting. Always be mindful of Wednesdays during the retrograde period as this is when Mercurys energies are the strongest. 

Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon Scorpio – Vishakha – 16 May 2:14pm

The last eclipse in Scorpio for 18 years. We are still unravelling secrets, and unresolved issues. Scorpio is debilitation sign for the Moon. Emotions run deep, risking stagnancy. It opposes a retrograde Mercury.  Taurus/Scorpio are fixed signs highlighting resources, wealth, money, having things and letting go. This is a turning point, and the last bits of poisons are invited to clear.

Mind and intellect are not thinking clearly – avoid major decisions these days. 

Sun will also be in Sandhi, changing signs on the 15th and therefore not strong.
Give yourself space in these moments, not rush to conclusions. Pain may feel more visceral and failures more obvious – sit deeply with your feelings and connect to them rather than run away. 

Eclipses are cause by Rahu and Ketu, and although the nodes have moves into Aries and Libra, Ketu is in Vishakha (Libra side), with only a few degrees from the moon who is in the Scoprio Vishakha) – This lunar mansion is a gateway, one symbol is a potters wheel – so what are we shaping? Clay can be remoulded and so can belief patterns – in fact the entire human organism is just a collection of karmic patterns, some are stronger than others. Many frequencies can be altered, with time, patience and faith. 

Go easy during this time – all will be well

Venus Exalted in Pisces, Jupiter @ Home 

Venus is in her happy place in Pisces, along with Jupiter who is at home for the next year. Faith and optimism has returned Jupiter moves away from two years being in Saturn ruled signs. Sometimes life can take us to places where we feel completely hopeless, it is the light that comes on in the middle of the darkness which takes us out of the depths of despair. 

This quality is represented by Jupiter; the guides, mentors, teachers and gurus in our lives, those who illuminate our minds and allow us to see past our own limitations. This is why knowledge and wisdom is the greatest wealth, and why Jupiter exalts in the sign of Cancer, the place of the mind. 

Venus reflects our tastes and values and relationships, and by extension our sense of self worth. She is the pleasure principle and desires. Too much in either direction reflects and unhealthy Venus – in her highest functioning she is selfless, devoted and compassionate – altruistic, non judgemental and accepting. Many people with Pisces placements struggle with boundaries (Jupiter rules Space), asserting many boundaries which turn into walls. 

How can you keep your connection to God/Self/Supreme reality, without getting caught up in emotional dramas and what you are getting/not getting from others? 

Shifting the narrative to giving and staying connected to god prevents draining of vital life energies, and the loss of self. 

Venus will pass through gandanta as she moves from Pisces into fiery Aries 23-24 – a rebirth of self some for some – Relationships in general are highlighted this year as Ketu moves through Libra, there may be significant endings/new beginnings happening … 

Well, that’s it for now, have a great month folks!
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X ~dm
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