June Starry Times – Retrograde Season Begins!

Hey Psychonauts,

How is it June already? 
Tempus fugit … in every sense!

We end the month of May with a New moon in Taurus.
Mercury moves direct on the 3rd and Saturn begins retrograding on the 5th.
There will be a second Scorpio Full Moon on the 14th, Gemini Season begins as Sun moves into the sign of the twins on the 15th and Venus will move into Taurus on the 18th. The month ends with a Mars moving through pisces/aries gandanta 25th-28th and a Gemini new moon on the 29th.

The journey of the moon from full to new is about introspection, not starting new things, spiritual activities, meditation, cleaning, culling and simplifying life. It is about resting, silence, ending, gestating and cultivating stillness even in motion. Moon is comfortable and supported in Taurus, in its favourite star, Rohini. 

Every month we can have a spiritual reset. The day before new moon, the new moon day itself (amavasya) and the day after are inauspicious for beginning anything, the moon is weak and without strength. 

Rohini connects to Prajapati, lord of creation. This star is about creativity, growth, fertility, plants and water. The mind is nourished and supported. Be mindful of excess expansion and too many desires for luxuries which can lead us toward Moha (delusion). This moon is joined by mercury so it can be a little complicated as the mind and intellect struggle to work things out, this as we know, only muddies the water… try stay calm and aim for connection and compassionate communication.

The first week of June can be expected to be slow as we approach the annual retrograde of Saturn, the great taskmaster and lord of karma and time. Added to that is a retrograde Mercury is moving direct on the 3rd.

With two planets changing directions, expect plans to change/revert and a new perspective to dawn. 

Mercury has been retrograding in Taurus since May 10. It has been an unusually long time for mercury to be in one sign – there has been a certain re assessment of people, projects and plans pertaining to values, resources, wealth and speech. Venus, who rules Taurus, has also been going through some major transitions. This has made us question our worth and those of others in our lives.

Relationships of all manners have been through some kind of re assessment.

Currently Mercury is combust the Sun–  meaning it is burnt/fried/too close … This further confuses our thinking, it can also indicate burnout and exhaustion from taking on too many projects.  As Mercury moves direct and further away from the Sun after the 3rd, expect clarity in thought and communications to return. Certain projects that had stalled will begin to move forward again.

Gemini and Virgo rising and moon folk will feel this shift strongly. As always, don’t rush and take your time.

Saturn Retrogrades on 5th June, for 140 days. It is our annual invitation to remember that nothing is truly in our control, we all must suffer or enjoy the consequences of our karmas (the good and the bad). 

Saturn is a planet of Tamas – You may feel more tired, low energy, exhausted or lazy. Retrograde brings delays, frustrations and reversals into our life. Retrogrades tend to create doubt and uncertainty, which is why it is recommended not to make drastic decisions during this time.  

It is a time to review, reflect, re assess, re do, revisit, rethink, the structures in place in your life. If Saturn is transiting through your 4th house, you may be changing homes or living space, if its in your 10th house, there may be significant developments at work. Saturn moving through your 11th house will weed out bad friendships and bring older, more mature or stable people into your life.

We need to work a bit harder during this time to see results. Don’t be discouraged by doubt. Avoid taking on too many new projects, over committing. Work hard, but pace yourself. Work out, lift weights, get your body moving. Saturn can be very lazy when afflicted. Avoid planning important things on Saturday! Fast from tamasic foods like meats, alchohol etc, do your work on Saturday and enjoy Sunday 🙂

It is a unique transit as Saturn is currently hovering at 1 degree Aquarius. 1-0, 30 and 29 dregrees of a sign are critical degrees known as Sandhi in sanskrit. Planets are neither here or there, creating unsettled, insecure foundations and situations. 

Whatever big project you want to plow ahead with, take your time, and more! Especially if you have major planets like moon or rising in Capricorn or Aquarius or if Saturn is your atmakaraka, or if you are running a Saturn mahadasa.

Sag moon folks have 6 months left of their Sade Sati, Capricorn moon are halfway, Aquarius moon are in the middle and Pisces moon folk are beginning. This is a significant time of personal responsibility and growth which can bring significant changes and developments over a period of 7.5 years. It is often accompanied with depression, difficult karmic situations, but also of success, growth and maturity. 

I am writing a separate blog on Saturn in Aquarius :

  • When he fully moves there in Jan 2023, the following 2.5 years will see some countries attaining peace and stability, some form of treaties may be signed, significant new developments in technology, such as AI in medicine, transplants and bionic limbs will be released.
  • Certain world leaders will become a favourite of the people. There will still be some tensions and strife, however there will be a general consensus toward creating peace. Especially as we have Jupiter at home in compassionate Pisces.. We have already seen a positive shift in government in Australia (of course, the left and the right wing belong to the same bird) – But there will be a returning of democracy and ‘for the people’ attitude for the next few years – at least!

The next Full Moon will occur on 14th June, in Scorpio @ 9:52pm AEST– this time in Jyestha nakshatra, ‘The Elder Star’ 

Jyestha is opposite to Rohini, the favourite star and place of fortune and abundance. Jyestha is connected to Alaxmi, the goddess of misfortune.. It provides clues into Scorpios dark side, where they can be the architects of their own misery (in my teacher Komilla Sutton’s words) It is however, a very powerful star, forming a pair with Mula, the first nakshatra of Sagittarius. It also contains gandanta point. This is one of the most potent areas of the zodiac. 

As the moon passes through here, the invitation is to shed, and continue the cycle of rebirth/renewal which has been so poignant and potent over the last couple of months. Jyestha Gandanta can dredge up deep and obsessive feelings/emotions, Guru Purnima is a fantastic time to offer this this to the fire, purge, let go, surrender & sacrifice. Mars is in Pisces with Jupiter, so it can be a very good time to start/continue any psychotherapeutic healing therapies/arts. The light of wisdom and knowledge is the most profound wealth of all.

Scorpio moon is supported by a friendly 120° aspect from Jupiter in Pisces, so make the most of it. Continually offer the poisons and toxins of the soul at the altar of compassion, forgiveness and grace. 

Mars Gandanta Transit: 25, 26, 27, 28 June

This will impact Scorpio and Aries Rising and Moon the strongest. Mars can be troublesome in Pisces; a fiery, warrior planet in a water sign can create deep feelings and explosive anger. It can manifest as some outside person, perhaps brothers, siblings or co-workers who stir the pot to get a reaction.

When Mars transits through gandanta this can increase anger, frustration, ego battles and confusion in one’s direction. Don’ t rush or make sudden decisions around this time. It can be a heated time and some clashes/conflict is likely to be seen – There is also danger of flooding and storms.

A good time to practice the pause, and cultivate healthier reactions and loving kindness. 

Coming in late July is Jupiter Retrograde … Stay tuned.
Have a great month folks!

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X ~Dm

Art by Brian. K. Vaughan

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