July Starry Times – Planets in Strength, Volatile Mars + Retrogrades…

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In June, the planets are strong – many are ‘at home’ – in their own signs, or in friendly signs. Venus is in Taurus, Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Pisces & Saturn in Aquarius/Capricorn. Although Mars and Venus will move they are still positive and strong which continues for the next couple of months- it is a very powerful time, for good and bad – so, use the energy wisely to move forward and accomplish your goals and visions.

Mars has now entered home territory, having crossed the challenging gandanta bridge from Pisces (where we saw on monday morning of the 27th June, climate protestors locked themselves to their cars causing significant traffic jams and delays for the Sydney harbour tunnel – a typical gandanta like effect)

Mars can now express its strength and courage in full, with all its fire, aggression and impatience as well. As June progresses we will see mars join with Rahu, and Uranus, who’s energies are unpredictable, expansive, unusual, and volatile… as the moon will trigger the conjunction around the 21st-22nd of July, there needs to be extra care taken – it is likely war situations in the world, such as in Russia will reach some kind of crisis during this time. Rahu always expands and inflates whatever it is with – most signs will struggle with this energy, but some will be able to benefit off the positive side to this conjunction. Mars meets with Rahu exactly on 1 August.

All these planets together, however has the potential to be very dangerous. Take care x

Be mindful on the roads especially if you are ruled by Mars, or are accident prone – leave the bike at home, don’t take risks around that time. Head injuries may be more likely now too, as Aries rules the head in the kaal purush – the cosmic person.

Mid July we will have a Full moon in late Sagittarius, in Uttara Ashadha. The shakti for this moon is “ The power is to grant an unchallengeable victory (Apradhrisya Shakti)”

Chandra (moon) will be debilitated in scorpio from 10-12th, passing through scorpio-sag gandanta zone, so these days take emotional care –  Budha (mercury) will be combust the Sun for around two weeks from the 8th of July, Shukra (venus) moves to gemini on the 13th & Surya (sun) moves to cancer on 16-17th

There will be more communications in relationships, perhaps new ones form, or old ones need re addressing – the mercury combustion could trigger confusion or too many word salads, so practice listening with the desire to understand your person, and seek harmony, connection and repair, rather than reacting with defensiveness or criticism. Mercury relates to business, communication as well as trickery and manipulation. Be mindful who you take on, or are working with, make sure all the details are covered. Combust Mercury can also leave you feeling burnt out and exhausted, esp. Gemini and Virgo.

With the high volatility indicated by malefic planets in Aries, June could be an explosive month, however if channeled properly, great success and achievements can be made. One trick is to stop finding fault with others or things in the world – In buddhism, anger is understood to be a deep seed residing within all of us, which gets triggered by an external agency. Part of the journey from animal to human to divine is not needing to act on impulse, choosing consciously to absolve oneself of the seeds which cause disruption in your own life – this is the art, and science of changing ones destiny and healing our karma. 

Saturn is Retrograde until the 23rd of October. Shani is the judge, the taskmaster and the Lord of Karma. Even the gods are not free of the consequences of their actions. Retrograde in sanskrit is ‘Vakri’ which means twisted or crooked. It allows us to see things from a fresh perspective but it can also allow for shady or dishonest methods and means. It can also indicate health troubles.

Saturn, as the taskmaster and planet of karma, intensifies pressure, so it may feel like you would be taking on too much, but it is a good time for working hard on your projects. The will be karma to deal with. If something has been put off, you may not be able to ignore it now. Often, Saturn ruled people can be workaholics, not knowing when to stop, or creating too much identity around their work. This can sap the joy out of life. Balance needs to be made. Saturn rules Vayu – the windy element, when he is imbalanced it leads to vata derangement and a whole host of windy/vata related disorders. 

“When you are tough on yourself, life is infinitely easier on you”

Jupiter Retrograde for 5 months from 29 July – 23 Nov.
Jupiter retrogrades for 120 days is stationary 5 days before and after.

It is a time to think big and outside of the box. Challenge yourself and question what you have learnt, perhaps you have acted unreasonably in the past, now is the time to review the basis of your choices. Jupiter becomes stronger when retrograde. 

Jupiter represents all the good things such as joy, optimism, faith, supportive people, good luck, blessings, wealth, finances, sacred speech, youth, education, wisdom, knowledge, good vibes and positive thinking. There can be too much of a good thing as well, be mindful of excess and over indulgence, and avoiding the more serious issues of life which may tend to be ignored.Jupiter has its dose of self righteousness and zealousness – when it acts on faith and belief, it can be unshakeable – which, while wonderful, can have disastrous consequences, as we see in cases of any forms of extremism.

Jupiter governs the Akash tattva (element) which corresponds to the sense of hearing and the karakta (mouth – speech) An afflicted Jupiter can indicate hearing issues/inability to listen or issues with managing space – literally and metaphorically 

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces, if your moon or rising is here, be extra mindful of your health and finances during this retrograde, as well as making sudden financial changes, buying property & risky investments. 

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