August Starry Times – Jupiter Retrograde, Mars Rahu Volatility, Leo Season begins

Hey Star Travellers –
Another month rolls on and now we enter August. What can we expect?

Mars Rahu Uranus Conjunctions 1-3 August
August starts with intensity, passion, volatility and fire – The heat which has been smouldering throughout July reaches its zenith on the 2nd, as Mars moves into exact conjunction with Rahu and Uranus at 24° Aries in the star Bharani. 

If you have planets within 13°20’ – 26°40 of Aries, then this has been a significant time of changes and potential upheavals for you. Uranus, the great awakener and  revolutionary moved into this section of Aries on 17 Feb 2021, with Rahu joining in on the 14th of June 2022. 

Some people may have barely noticed this, while others may be feeling it acutely. This will be if you have major planets such as moon, mars, sun or Saturn here, or your chart ruler.

Bharani links to the power of creation, its symbol is a Yoni, it is ruled by Venus and its ruling deity is Yama – It is a very hot star due to the Mars/Venus vibration. This star carries the energy and power to cleanse and remove impurities. It is known as Krura, a fierce and severe star, with a primary motivation towards Artha-  creation of wealth and prosperity.

Rahu & Mars  create ‘Angarak Yoga’ – which is commonly associated with extreme events, weather patterns, increased violence and aggression. Mars casts its 4th aspect on Cancer affecting peace in the home and heart, the 7th house of relationships and the 8th house of unexpected change, trauma and crisis. This combination lasts until 10th August, when mars finally moves into Taurus. Added to this is a square aspect from retrograde Saturn in Capricorn, adding greater pressure to an already tense situation.

Mars and Rahu is not a favourable conjunction in vedic astrology, simply because Rahu is desire, illusions, shadows, taboo, smoke, chaos, fantasy and restlessness, and mars is all that is fierce, fiery and passionate – these two together, in Aries, home territory of Mars, can be highly destructive, violent, sexual, volatile, unpredictable and explosive – increasing the potential for risky & impulsive behaviour, leading to regrets later. 

Vedantic and Yogic thought teaches us that excess desires leads to sorrow and further bondage on the wheel of samsara; the seeker should always question oneself, the source of desire, following the threads of the eternal I, the one who is the questioner … It is not that we should ignore our desires, but to really understand their presence in our lives to avoid being dictated by the lower mind.

Please take care this week, on the roads, at home and with your loved ones. Avoid risky and impulsive behaviour, curb your tongue and leave arguments at the door. Mars is ego, if you must engage in a debate, work to find what is right rather then who is right. Triggers are likely to be pushed this week! A wonderful time for critical self analysis.

Venus moves to Cancer – 6-7th August

A short transit where Venus moves into the gentle and nurturing sign of Cancer. Venus and Moon are friendly with each other – after the intensity of Mars aspecting Cancer, some gentleness and understanding will be much appreciated. A good time for romance and dates, some may feel the desire for family stimulated during this transit.

We are about a month and a half away from Venus’ descent into the underworld where she will move from morning star to evening star. As Venus approaches 10° of the Sun she enters combustion where she is no longer visible and becomes burnt. This is an important transit affecting Taurus and Libra folk the most (Sept 14- Dec 1) – Issues with jealousy, relationships, finances, self worth and values arise – Any planet passing through the Sun has the opportunity to transform in the spiritual fire – More on this in the next blog.

12 – Full Moon Capricorn @– 11:36am – Dhanistha 

A sombre full moon where our responsibilities, duties and realities may seem all too in- your -face.
Not to fear.

This full moon falls in Capricorn, conjunct a retrograde Saturn, opposite Sun in Cancer, with Venus in early degrees. Saturn is facing us with timely karmic situations to deal with, delays and setbacks. Things don’t need to follow your plan, let go of the reins a little?

Moon and Saturn in Dhanistha invites a realistic view of your life, resources and wealth – aspecting Venus can indicate strain or tension in relationships, but perhaps a more grounded view on why you are together – what is your greater purpose? Venus is also our self worth – we accept the love we think we deserve… something to ponder.

Dhanistha is the star of rhythm, the symbols are a flute and shiva’s drum, the Damaru, connected the creation and regulation of the Universe – a reminder to empty ourselves to be filled with the songs of great spirit, after all, we are only here for some years and go back to the stars – with what? How much closer can we get to the Supreme Reality/Great Spirit/God?

Dhanistha is ruled by the 8 Vasus – elemental forces of Nature : Sun, Moon, Earth, Fire, Pole Star, Air, Sky and Space, it is a powerful star connected to spiritual wealth and abundance, but often denotes struggles with marriages and relationships. 

17th – Sun moves to Leo – Leo Season begins!

The sun moves into its own sign for the next 30 days – a positive and uplifting time to shine, celebrate, and express yourselves creatively. Ego and use of personal power can be observed – A good leader is one who knows how to inspire and connect with the people. Check where Leo is in your chart to see how the Sun will impact you. 

27th – New Moon Leo – Magha.

The new moon of august falls in in the heart of Leo in the star Magha – It is ruled by Ketu, the south node. It is a fierce and cruel star. Many spiritual people have Magha activated in their charts as it represents large hearted and generous traits. Magha means mighty or great, and indicates courage, nobility and royalty.

Magha is ruled by the Pitris who are said to be the ancestral spirits who were the progenitors of the human race – This new moon is a time for withdrawal, refection and contemplation on those who have lived and are now in the spirit worlds. It is a time for withdrawing into the self and perhaps creating a little ceremony for those who have passed on. 

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X ~ dm
Art By : Ravi Zupa

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