September Starry Times – Mercury Retrograde, Venus Combustion

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We are now in Retrograde season, Sun is bright and happy in its own sign Leo, although Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde they are in their own signs as well as Mercury. Energy is strong and supportive even though there are hiccups on the way. You may notice that certain elements of your life, are in place. There may be a feeling of being at ‘home’ in certain areas of your life. Mercury is slowing down to go retrograde Mars has begun its long stay in the earthy and resource focused sign of Taurus and the moon will reach purnima on the 10th in Aquarius, and a new moon in Virgo on the 26th

Well, as you might know by now, retrograde energies are when a planet appears brighter in they sky, their motion, (as viewed from our perspective on earth) is backward, unusual or erratic. Depending on the planet and its significations, a number of frustrating or unpredictable situations may arise!

September sees 3 planets retrograde.
For writing purposes, I use the abbreviation of rx to refer to retrograde. Rx planets affect how the Pancha mahabhutas – The 5 Great Elements work through us. The elements are not in their usual state and thus we may not be thinking/acting clearly and find ourselves in trouble by committing to something that may not have our full consideration. This is why, for example, during Jupiter retrograde, it is not good to get married, as we would want consistency, stability and trust in our partnerships. 

Saturn is rx in its own sign of Capricorn. Saturn rules the Vayu Tattva which is the Air element. It casts its drishti , (aspect, gaze) upon the 3rd, 7th and 10th signs from itself. This means that Pisces, Cancer and Libra feel Saturn’s influence. Saturn’s impact is generally limiting, constricting, causing delays and obstacles.

When retrograde, there can be too many commitments which suddenly pile up, too much work and not enough rest, one’s responsibilities feel burdensome, pressures, limitations and delays which may seem overwhelming – on the positive side saturn rx gives us the opportunity to re structure our lifestyles so we can live in greater harmony instead of always forcing the ego’s desires onto things, by being forced to surrender and let go a little bit, we develop greater patience, which is one of Saturn’s major lessons.

Jupiter governs Akash Tattva which is the space element. He is currently rx in its own sign Pisces. Jupiter casts his drishti upon the 5th, 7th and 9th signs from itself. This means Guru blesses Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio. Jupiter’s impact is expansive, optimistic, ‘feel good factor’, providing opportunities and growth.

When retrograde, there can be a sense of over- expansiveness, unwise investments, over-optimism, taking the wrong advice, having unrealistic and ungrounded actions which lack form and structure. One can get stuck in over promising and under delivering. Jupiter can lack boundaries as it seeks the ultimate truths of things. Jupiter also relates to male partners, teachers, mentors and gurus – there may be issues with your relationships with these people in your life.

Mercury governs the Privthi Tattva, which is the earth element. Mercury will be retrograde & exalted, in Virgo. Mercury will only aspect its opposite sign, in this case Pisces. Mercury’s impact is liminal, ‘he’ is a eunuch, seen as somewhat genderless and thus takes on the qualities of where he is placed. Mercury governs our intellect, rational thinking, details, organisation, planning, routines, business, adaptability, transport, computers, electronics and the nervous system

When retrograde, many of our practical aspects of life get muddled. You may feel more forgetful, absentminded, scattered or confused, things get lost, lost things get found. Electronic devices randomly stop working. Crashes, glitches, lost passwords. Situations arise which can de-stabilise our foundations. We may be feeling unsupported and need to take care during these times as the energies are not stable, we are more likely to make mistakes and take bad judgements. 

Check your own charts and see if your rising or moon are ruled by these planets – or are there are a number of planets in any of these signs ruled by these planets?

What is currently happening in your own life?
Have you noticed particular changes/reversals around retrograde times?

Mercury is slowing down now, having entered its ‘retroshade’ – period before it goes rx on the 10th of Sept for 3 weeks until the 2nd of October.  October is an interesting month as we will see the ending of Saturn’s rx for the year, but the start of Mars biennial (every 2 years) rx – this year, in the sign of Taurus. 

Rx times are excelled for revision, reflection, reviewing, cleaning, clearing, taking old projects off the shelf and finishing old tasks. Back up your devices and take care of your electronics (esp with mercury). Often people from the past return in some way – you may hear from an old friend, or an ex lover re appears, or you might find your mind wandering to the good old days’ and feeling nostalgic.

3 Rx planets in Sept means we need to take extra care and tread carefully. 

Things are unlikely to go exactly as you want, so plan ahead for delays, setbacks, cancellations and obstacles. In particular around the days 9-10-11 Sept and 1,2,3 of October. Try not to force your agenda. If you must do something, give yourself plenty of space and time and avoid putting all the burdens and pressures on yourself.

This can be a time of burnout and over commitment. It is best to avoid beginning any new projects, signing contract or making major purchases/investments until the retrograde planet has moved forward and is at its usual speed. 

Venus has just transitioned from Cancer to Leo, passing through the knotty gandanta zone – this may have stirred up emotional turbulence and insecurity for some. However in Leo, Venus can shine bright and celebrate. It is generally a good transit as Venus can be very creative, playful and light. A good time for romance, self care and group/community activities.

Venus Combustion ~ Descent into the underworld
On the 14th of Sept Venus begins to approach 10° of the Sun, transitioning from morning star to evening star, symbolically making her descent into ‘the underworld’. This was always seen as a very important transit by many cultures around the world in particular the Maya who p[laced great importance on the cycles of Venus.

The whole journey lasts from 14 Sept – 3 Dec with the peak conjunction occurring 21 – 25th October. This is known as combustion where the energy of the planet is absorbed by the Sun.

Venus signifies finances, relationships and spouse/partner. Sun/Venus combinations can be challenging for relationships – Sun is Fire, Venus is Water – Venus dries up, so we must watch our affairs especially in love, this could be a time of separations or affairs Health and financial issues could peak at this time too especially if you are Libra or Taurus Rising or Moon. It is important to watch excessive indulgences, desires & addictions at this time, risky financial investments and unwise relationship entanglements.

Chanting 108x on the Mala on Friday can help pacify the negative effects of this transit.

Shukra Beej Mantra “द्रांद्रींद्रौंसःशुक्रायनमः / oṃ drāṃ drīṃ drauṃ saḥ śukrāya namaḥ”

 Shukra – Guru of the Asuras

The Full Moon will fall on the 10th of Sept in Aquarius in the nakshatra Purva Bhadra Pada, the star of personal transformation, on the same day that mercury stations to go retrograde – it will be a challenging day so plan ahead to keep it simple with little plans as possible – defiantly avoid travelling on this day and the days surrounding if you can. 

The New Moon will fall on the 26th of Sept in Virgo in the nakshatra Uttara Phalguni – the star of patronage and marriage. It is a complicated moon as it joins debilitated and combust Venus, and a retrograde Mercury. These are a complex mix of very ungrounded energies so plan ahead as well for these days and avoid any important events. Best for deep meditation, retreat, silence and solitude – quiet time, candles, ghee lamps etc!

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Have a great month folks and thanks for reading !
x ~ dm ❣️

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