October Starry Times – A Matter of Balance : Eclipse Season Begins | Mars Retrograde + more …

Hello Dear Readers,

… And happy navaratri – we are in the middle of the 9 nights of the goddess (26/27 Sept – 4/5 Oct. Also known as Durga Puja – a festival celebrating 9 different forms of Mother Goddess. Every year in the hindu lunar month Ashwini (Sept-Oct) on the first day (pratipada) of the bright lunar fortnight, Sharada Navaratri is celebrated. There are 4 in a year, however the ones in spring and autumn are most commonly celebrated.

Each night celebrates a different avatar of Durga. The 9 nights culminate on Vijayadashami or Dusshera, the 10th night, which honours Durga’s victory over the buffalo demon Mahishasura.

These nine nights are time to fast, meditate, cleanse and pray, to connect with Devi, to reflect on the power of Shakti, the divine feminine, as all that is manifest in this known world. The goddess as creator and destroyer, as a lover and a mother – in all her forms the great Mahadevi takes part in all aspects of our lives.

Durga slaying Mahishasura

October sees some significant turning points, the most notable being: 

Mercury, planet of intelligence and communication ends its third retrograde for the year, Saturn, planet of karma and discipline, moves direct, ending his annual retrograde which began on — and Mars, planet of courage and competition begins his retrograde, an event which occurs once every 2 years.

Venus, planet of love, relationships and finances is combust and debilitated and will stay very close to the Sun in an unusually long tango until 21st of November.
Right now she is debilitated which is what is contributing to the general unsteadiness in the worlds financial markets right now. On top of that,  Jupiter who is also connected to wealth, is currently retrograde in its own sign, so, whiles strong, is not giving its full support. 

Oct. 3 – Mercury Direct 

Mercury moves direct on the 3rd. So, everything is your own fault again!  Avoid planning travels on that day, or some kind of event, it could be challenging or difficult with delays, obstacles etc. Mercury will speed up and resume its normal direction after the 5th. After then Mercury can shine in his brilliance – exalted mercury is good for business, planning, intelligent thinking and communication. A good time to have an important meeting or conversation at work or with your partner.

Oct. 10th – Full Moon Pisces – Revati 7:55am
Kshiradyapani shakti – The power of nourishment

This full moon is in the soft and watery sign of pisces. Jupiter, its ruler is also in Pisces, at home giving great strength, but it is retrograde, (until Nov 23), so there is some underlying insecurity. Mercury opposite in Virgo, exalted but also with Venus who is debilitated & combust. Dramas in relationships may be heightened, excess water (pisces, moon, venus – as we are seeing with the floods in Florida and a 3rd La Niña in the pacific) – may trigger irrationalism and big feels, personally. Overall it is positive, good for self care, nourishing self, others, your relationships.

Revati is a soft and gentle star ruled by mercury. It falls wholly in pisces, sign of Jupiter, who is currently at home in Pisces but retrograde. Mercury sits opposite, exalted in its own sign Virgo. This moon is well supported despite the retrograde Jupiter. Revati is governed by Pushan, a deity connected to cows and land animals. He protects and guides, he is wealthy and kind. This day favours journeys as Pushan offers protection for travellers, from getting lost, or help in recovering lost items. a good day for marriage and all kinds of ceremonies. 

A good time for smart investments but do be careful. Warren Buffet – one of the world’s richest businesses men has this combination (deb venus and exalted merc) in his 10th house – he is quite simple in the way he spends his wealth. For him, debilitated Venus shows up as not making unnecessary purchases and spending on practical things. For example, he still lives in the same house he bought, some 30 years ago.

Venus Combust & Debilitated

Geocentric orbit of Venus around earth every 8 years

Venus is in transition right now as she is she is burnt by the Sun. This is called Combustion. She is also debilitated in Virgo, where her soft, gentle and compassionate energies find it difficult to express under the intellectual and mercurial earth sign, who demands the who whys and wherefore’s of romance.

Practicalities of life dominate, relating becomes a chore,  the mind cannot understand the mysteries of the heart, the chaos of love and the sweet surrender of devotion. In Virgo, Venus falls into situations which enhance criticism, nitpicking and an intellectual approach to matters of the heart. 

When Venus flies too close to the sun she becomes combust – this year it began mid September. Every 1.8 years, Venus moves from being the morning to evening star, which is part of her greater ‘synodic cycle’ – 584 days. She is Morning star for 263 days before she disappears (in a long combustion with the Sun) for about 50 days, before emerging as the Evening star – for another 263 days, where she dips below the horizon, emerging 8 days later as the morning star again. 

Right now she is moving from morning to evening star and is invisible for 50 days of the whole process.  On the 19th, Venus moves to her own sign of Libra, which should improve some siutations.

What this means on a personal level is that Venus is going through a major rebirth. If you are a Taurus or Libra rising or Moon then this is a significant transition for you – Any relationships that are rocky and troublesome may breakup, others may delve into the necessary work as each individual has the opportunity to transform themselves and elevate their relating. Combust venus can also lead one to making the wrong choices with partnerships. Singles may meet a significant person (also due to eclipse season in Libra/Aries).

Venus is value and worth, so this relates to self worth and the way one may feel about themselves /what they accept in a partner. Venus is the key planet to study for the financial markets, as well as Jupiter and Mercury – with 2 out of 3 of these planets being challenged at present, this reflects with the markets as well. But like all cycles, it is temporary, so avoid making drastic decisions now. 

Oct. 18th – Sun moves to Libra, Debilitated

Surya will make his annual transit to Libra, its weakest transit. Leo’s rising and moon may feel this for the month. Usually it can affect health. Sun is vitality and immunity, when weak and challenged, especially during the eclipse time, it can trigger health issues – this may be a build up of taking the body for granted and then it has enough – be sure to maintain a routine and if possible, follow the principles of Ayurveda. Relationships are highlighted, as we will have Venus in Libra too.

Oct. 23 – Saturn’s Turning Point – Direct

Ye olde Saturn, the taskmaster and lord of Justice, Time and Karma – has been retrograde since the 5th of June. This month he is slowing down to move direct on the 23rd. This means if you are Capricorn/Aqaurius dominant, or running a Saturn MD (mahadasa) you may feel extra sluggish, slow, tired, drained or confused. Rest assured, Saturn will be moving forward again and things can resume their usual pace, but it can’t be rushed. Saturn’s name in sanskrit is Shani – meaning the slow one. 

Saturn is currently hovering at 24° of Capricorn. When Saturn touches us, he is releasing old karma, this may come in the form of a difficult person or situation or something unavoidable that must be dealt with, a time to step up and assume responsibility.

Do you have any planets sidereally @ 24 ° of Capricorn? What is currently going on in your life ?

Oct 25th – Eclipse Season begins – Partial Solar eclipse in Libra 

Another round of the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu creating their Māyā play with us, with our mind and soul, the sun and moon. This month Sun and Venus approach Ketu. Ketu is the principle of rejection, moksha, spirituality, liberation and detachment. Currently in Libra, these themes are likely playing out in various ways specifically within relationships. Spiritualising or rejecting / detaching from them. Some significant partnerships may be dissolving now as deceit, or lies may be starting to come to light.

As Venus approaches Ketu, you can expect some past partners to rock up, even past life partners – this isn’t always a good thing! But then again, it might be.

Rahu and Ketu conceal and reveal. It is always important to be aware of eclipse season and the new people that may come into your life – especially if it feels magical, incredible, otherworldly – be aware, strong karmic forces are usually at work, which, after the eclipse period, start to come undone as reality kicks in. Or you may find yourself stuck in something that is less than desirable and difficult to get out of.

A solar eclipse is during new moon, a lunar eclipse is during full moon. From the 11th (just after the full moon) we begin the 2 week shadow period before the eclipse. Keep in mind this time period between 11 Oct – 22nd of Nov is the eclipse window – In general, avoid buying a new car, starting new relationships, signing contracts, or making big financial decisions. If it is possible, wait. Especially on and around the eclipse days : 25th Oct and 8th Nov, plan to lay low, meditate, take day off, clean, potter, stay inside, fast, withdraw. Good time for all spiritual actives, not do good for material things. 

Oct 25th – New Moon – 9:49pm – Libra – Swati 
Pradhvamsa shakti – The power to scatter like the wind

Lord Vayu, deity of Swati Nakshatra

New moon Libra.
Solar Eclipse.
Sun debilitated. Venus Combust

Is there a “need” to be surrounded by people, friends, groups … Can you be alone and be happy? Or does the discomfort of loneliness creep in and become unbearable? Libra is the sign of partnership but part of the lesson is about having the courage to be alone and not depend on the company of others to alleviate the inability to be with oneself. Being with others out of joy and the spirit of giving rather than lack makes all the difference. 

Swati nakshatra is ruled by Lord Vayu – god of air, wind, prana. Its power is to scatter like the wind, and gives the freedom to travel on the winds in all the worlds. Swati can be scattered, diffuse and restless, which can be destructive as well. Ruled by Rahu who is in Aries, this new moon is likely to highlight the disparity between self and others, me and you, my needs and your needs.

The mind gets confused. What if relationships are not just about fulfilling needs? What if its ok to love someone and they don’t always ‘get’ you? What if hyper~individuality is a trauma response? What if there *is* healthy dependence? Is it possible to experience devotion without feeling suffocated? and, lastly is the feeling of suffocation really a sign that something is wrong with your relationship? There is always more to know about oneself.

Libra is also connected to business. When Surya is fallen here, one may engage with others only if it is profitable in some way- if the other can benefit them.

Is this love or a transaction? Things to think about during Libra Season. 

Oct. 31st – Jan 13 –  Mars Retrograde in Taurus

Mars, the warrior planet is up to some shenanigans for a while – entering its bi-annual retrograde at the end of the month. Heads up for Aries and Scorpio moon and risings – expect some reversals, frustrations, confusion in direction, possible health issues and thwarted plans. 

Mars is anger, aggression and ego, you may find your shadow side rear an ugly head or two at this time, if your relationship to mars isn’t healthy. A time to Pull your head in, practice humility, courageousness and co-operation over competition. Anger usually Aries when something appears to block our path – always opportunities to notice one’s reactions and find a more constructive pathway.

Taurus is about money, security, land, food, wealth, resources, family, speech, comforts and luxuries. We will be seeing issues arise in regards to these issues, particularly around food security, as wild weathers impact agriculture – will agribiz ever decide to support local, community based farms instead of toxic farming practices? Mars is having a very long transit in Taurus.

Usually Mars travels a sign in about 8-10 weeks. This time, Mars has been in taurus since 21 August, will dip into Gemini 16 Oct – 11 Nov, then retrograde into Taurus, staying there until 13th of March 2023!! A very long time. A very significant time for Taurus Rising and Moon signs. Take care of sudden accidents, burns and careless mistakes.

Globally we may see tensions rise as Saturn moves toward Aquarius, the reactions between those in power and those oppressed but hat power will increase, for example as we are seeing in Iran. There is a necessary anger which is needed to mobilise and fight for Dharma, for righteousness, just as Goddess Durga slayed the demon Mahishasura, symbol of ignorance, greed and selfishness.

Have a good month and remember, calm is your superpower!
Love, Darinka


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