Under A Vedic Sky – November Celestial Report

Hello Dear Readers …
Let’s look at the Key Themes for November …

We are right in the middle of eclipse season. Saturn is now direct, with Jupiter soon to follow. Mars has just turned retrograde, the Sun, Venus & Mercury move to Scorpio & the month ends with a deep, introspective Scorpio New Moon.

With many planets crossing Ketu (the south lunar node) the theme right now is about releasing, transforming and spiritualising. Situations at the moment highlight the need for deep change – be it a partnership, business, way of life – etc. The past is over, things cannot go back to the way they were.

Eclipse Season – The Aries/Libra polarity & dynamic is one of self/other – co-operation/competition – me/you – independence/dependance – mars/venus – passion / devotion .

As I have mentioned in previous posts, eclipse season is a time of illusions, heightens desires, unusual events, strange occurrences, snakes, shadowy behaviours, confused thinking, unexplained anxiety etc… it is a time to be very careful in mundane affairs and not to trust anything blindly as truths are often obscured right now. 

Libran folk are in the the thick of it with the partial solar eclipse having just occurred in the star Swati on the 25th of Oct. Big revelations and insights for some. Swati is wholly within Libra, ruled by Rahu who is currently in Aries

The Sun meets with Ketu exact between the 4-8th of Nov – crisis gives way to revelations, scandals are exposed further – we have already seen news such as the Star casino losing its Licence, issues within Brazilian elections, Kanye’s anti-semitic comments inciting a huge professional backlash, not to mention the Iranian Revolution. 

Leaders have little power now as corruption continues to be exposed and revealed. Ketu has no mercy and will cut, reject and separate. Expect to see significant changes in politics over the next 6 months, especially once Saturn moves to Aquarius in January.  The Sun will stay in Libra until the 17th- Take care between 15 -18 as the Sun changes clothes – there is very low energy to do mundane activities. Scorpio Season begins …

Full Moon Eclipse 8th Nov – 10:02 pm – Bharani ARIES – The power to take things away (Apabharani shakti)

This full moon ushers in new Beginnings – Yama is the ruling deity of this fierce and destructive yet highly creative star is the one who judges our karmas in between worlds after the soul has left the body – This star has strong connotations with death and rebirth, being ruled by Venus it is intimately connected to the current affairs in Iran – on a personal level we can look to see which areas of our life are being rebirthed.

This Eclipse is revealing and concealing – be super mindful about starting new relationships, offers, buying homes or making large financial commitments.

Aries Moon and Rising folk – there is great changes ahead for you – good or bad – handle the energy wisely.

Venus Combustion – Sept 10 – Nov 21st
Venus cnj Ketu Exact – 3/4/5 Nov

Divine Feminine Rising – We are witnessing the ongoing Iranian Protests – Venus’s journey through the underworld has coincided with the brutal killing of Mahsa Amisi, triggering a huge feminine revolution – in a region where women are among the most oppressed in the world.

Venus has been combust Surya for some time now (which I have covered in the last couple of blogs) adding to the general feeling of low energy and vitality at present. She has been going through a radical transformation and rebirth, which has been affecting partnerships, values and sense of worth & finances. The Past is over now and a new beginning can unfold. 

Venus reflects our attitudes to love, relationships and money – but on a deeper level she reflects our sense of Tastes, Values  & Refinement on the most subtle levels.

On  personal level, there is a great change occurring within partnerships and relationships. Many are waking up to reality, not always comfortable with what is being seen. Rejection, disillusionment, detachment and endings are a common manifestation of Ketu/Venus combinations. Wait till after the peak conjunction has passed and Venus moves to Scorpio on the 12/13th to make any decisions.

Mars Now Retrograde – Oct. 31st – Jan 13

Mars begins his bi-annual retrograde at the end of the month. Heads up for Aries and Scorpio moon and risings – expect some reversals, frustrations, confusion in direction, possible health issues and thwarted plans. Mars has an unusual retrograde as he is currently at 1 degree of Gemini moving back to Taurus where he will stay for quite a while. This is called Ati Vakri, a more unsettled transit due to the conflict of elements. Expect the unexpected and most importantly stay calm – Practicing the Pause is a wonderful thing.

In Taurus, Mars retrograde highlights conflicts and issues around money & wealth, food & land security, resources, family & comforts.

Mars retrograde can intensify already frustrating situations so we all need to take care and avoid taking rash thoughtless decisions. This energy can trigger sudden and violent actions & impatience. In his highest expression Mars is the Sacred Warrior of Light who fights for Dharma, to protect and to right wrongs where there has been transgressions of the Sacred Balance

Jupiter Direct – A Return of Faith

Jupiter Direct in Pisces can now give his blessings and abundance! 

Jupiter will cast his 3rd aspect on Scorpio and Cancer folk as well as his 7th aspect on Virgo. This is a time where long term plans in regards to partnerships (marriage) Learning, Education, Teachers/gurus etc can move forward. Jupiter is the good luck aspect in our lives – in Pisces, Jupiter here can assist us to find the right wisdom to make the right choices in alignment with the Laws of Nature and our own Dharma. 
This transit will open up more opportunities, abundance and blessings.

New Moon 24th Nov 9:57am – Anuradha SCORPIO – The gives the power of worship (Radhana shakti).

A deep and volatile new moon, Mars will be retrograde and aspecting 4 planets in Scorpio – However Jupiter is casting a supportive trine from Pisces ensuring that we can act with wisdom and allow ourselves to permeate the great celestial ocean, to deep dive into our psyche and find the hidden pearls – when in deep water, become a diver! Moon will pass through gandanta on the 25th where we have the opportunity to let things go – an emotionally unsettled time for sensitive folks, be aware to not plan too much around this time. 

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