Dec Celestial News – 2022 finale

Hey Cosmonauts!
What a year!

With the intense planetary war between Venus and Mars during Jan/Feb, where all planets were in two signs creating a very destructive Shula Yoga, triggering the war in Ukraine, all planets changing signs in April, ushering in a new ‘ Samvastara’ / Vedic New Year, we saw Jupiter move into its own sign of Pisces, the Lunar nodes shifting into Aries and Libra . Then we had the first Eclipse season, moving into retrograde season where Saturn retrograded back into Capricorn triggering a reversals and delays, particularly within organisations, families and government bodies.

Jupiter has been retrograde for the past 5 months and has just moved direct, so with the two great heavyweights now able to move forward in their own signs, we can take solid charge of our long term plans and move forward again, slowly and deliberately. Jupiter’s forward motion ensures good luck, blessings and opportunities.

Most recently we have experienced Venus’ descent into the underworld from Mid September as she has transitioned from morning to evening star, and being hidden (and burnt) by the sun, where she has lost much of her power, and with this, a revolution begins in Iran, specifically around women’s rights – which is a key Venusian theme.

Then we moved into the second eclipse season, which has just ended – Eclipses always reveal corruption at the most basic level, but also brings many hidden things (particularly within the psyche) to light especially if one is on the path of self development and growth.

Key Events for December:
> Mars retrograde
> Jupiter now direct
> Saturn direct
> Full Moon Taurus
> New Moon Sagittarus
> Sagittarius Season begins.
> Mercury retrograde 31 Dec

Mars is the only planet which is currently retrograde. It rules Scorpio and Aries, and can throw ones plans around. Mars reflects our desires and energy, so it is a time for reflection on issues such as anger, assertion and willpower – Mars is stronger when retrograde and his energy inverts, causing us to look within. It can be a very constructive time when we can harness the energy of the warrior and achieve great things. Mars will turn direct on the 13th of January.

Right now Venus is moving through the difficult gandanta zone between scorpio and Sagittarius, finalising the huge journey she has been on since mid sept. As she moves into Sag and away from the Sun, Venus regains her power and be restored to her former glory.

The past is not over for some relationships and a new beginning can unfold.

Sagittarius Season Begins

Between the 14th and the 17th, the sun will be changing signs, passing through the difficult gandanta zone -This junction between Scorpio and Sagittarius is the most intense and potent as this is aligned with the centre of the galaxy – a large black hole – planets passing through here move from the tamasic underworld of Scorpio, into the Sattivc and forward moving Sagittarius, where the cosmic person is transitioning from its animalistic instincts to human.

There can be a big churning of karmas here reflecting in different ways in peoples lives, depending on what is happening.

However, it is fortunately only a short transit, and the planets are largely unafflicted in Sag, with Jupiter shining brightly in Pisces, bestowing many blessings and support.

In general, when one is living in alignment with their soul, with nature, with the universe, then disruptions are like a gentle breeze on a vast lake… the greater the depth of a soul, the less the winds of Maya disturb.

Full Moon Taurus
Rohini – Rohana Shakti – The Power of Creation.

Moon is exalted in Taurus, so this reflects a certain degree of contentment, however it is joined by a retrograde Mars, charging and inflaming the situation. Rohini is a star connected to Prajapati, the lord of creation, it links us to wealth, abundance and material prosperity, but it also indicates a certain degree of jealousy and possessiveness. Moon/Mars contacts are passionate, which can go either way. It is a highly creative star – but we need to watch the retrograde Mars as this could create some explosive situations.

This is a good time to think about ones energy, assertiveness, expression of self, do you hold back to keep the peace or can you clearly and calmly ask for what you need, or sort it out for yourself without drawing another into your storm?

Moon and Mars can create a lot of drama, so try not to get involved. It can be difficult to stay calm – but it is your superpower!

Mercury Retrograde
Mercury will retrograde on the 31st of Dec- 19th Jan. It will very, very briefly kiss Capricorn before moving back into Sagittarius. It isnt the best place for Mercury as this can create big thinking and scatterd action. Not the time to plan for travels, or if you are (because its holiday sesason) please avoid travelling right on the days it stations and moved retro/direct – these dates are :

30/31/1 Dec/Jan & 18/19/20 Jan – Also, avoid travel on the Wed during the transit as this is Mercurys day and its energies are much stronger then! We get to look forward to some news report about lost luggage or stranded passengers on these days, but otherwise, plan ahead, give yourself heaps of time and don’t fit too many things in, and you’ll be right!

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Have a great month folks – Jan heralds BIG changes as Mars and Mercury will move direct on Jan 13 and 19th, respectively and Saturn, everyones favourite planet will move out of Capricorn and into the more democratic sign of Aquarius on Jan 18 …

Darinka x

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