7 Things To Take With You Into 2023

“Seek refuge in the attitude of detachment and you will amass the wealth of spiritual awareness. The one who is motivated only by the desire for the fruits of their action, and anxious about the results, is miserable indeed.”

― Bhagavad Gita

2023 adds up to 7. So we can say that 2023 (among other things) is a 7 year and thus comes under the domain of Ketu – the south lunar node.

Vedic Astrology and Numerology are siblings, as numbers are vibrations. All numbers add up to 1- 9 which correlate to the 9 planets – 7 (visible) planets, the 2 (non physical planets)- thus having a direct impact on our lives. In Vedic Numerology, the number 7 vibrates to Ketu – a non physical planet, known as the south node of the moon.

7 is a very mystical number, we have the 7 seas, the 7 sisters (Pleadies) 7 visible planets, 7 main energy centres in the body (chakras) etc.

What is the energy of Ketu?

Ketu is the headless serpent, he is an asura, a demon. He is hot, dry, fiery and sharp.
Ketu is a harsh and severe planet as its function is to seperate us from material entrapments. This can bring apathy, disillusionment and disappointments, but when we align with spiritual vison and intelligence one can recognise the necessity of certain experiences as fodder for one’s spiritual growth and development.

Number 7 Year will see shifts in spiritual landscapes and attitudes to relationships and business. Libra is most affected this year as Ketu it is still transiting through the sign of Relationship until October.

One of the other key defining features of 2023 is Saturn’s move transition Aquarius on Jan 18, where he will stay for the next 2 years. This transit sees significant developments in tech, medicine and health/healing – changes in society that will have lasting impacts for the next 30 years.

Right now, Saturn has been dishing out the harsh reality in Capricorn since Jan 2020, and I don’t need to go into those details – While Aquarius is still ruled by Saturn, here the more humanitarian and democratic aspect of Shani can emerge, in part due to the fact that the sign of the water bearer is co-ruled by Rahu who is a known troublemaker, but also breakthrough / rebel extraordinaire…

2023 Starts with a Retrograde Mars & Mercury until Jan 13 & 16, respectively.
Saturn Moves to Aquarius Jan 18. We then can enjoy have a relatively chill few months (exalted Venus in Feb!) until some trouble starts brewing in April as Jupiter crosses Gandanta Pisces to Aries. In July, Venus will go retrograde crossing the Cancer-Leo gandata zone 3 times!

This could be a time of relationship trouble or health issies for Libra and Taurus folks. There will be continued financial instability this year, as both money planets Jupiter and Venus will be quite unsettled. And, of course we will experience our annual Jupiter and Saturn Retrogrades as well as 2x Eclipse seasons – the first being in April/May and the second in October.

7 Things to take into 2023

  • Dharma
    Dharma means to live in accordance to the laws of nature. As we are an ever evolving matrix of 4 physical elements in the 5th element of Space, to live in harmony with these elements ensures harmony within ones inner and outer worlds. Dharma also mean ‘right living’ – when you continually align yourself with the universe, you can surrender in knowing that you are part of a great river that moves you and moves through you. Nothing is truly in your control – become free of attachment to outcome and rewards of actions. Dharma supports and uplifts, especially those who have fallen – Living a Dharmic Life is Key to mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing
  • Intentional Living
    One could just see where things go – and one can also be intentional about the direction one wishes to go. While you cannot always control the forces which exist in life and there is always the unexpected to deal with, being intentional with your life also means setting boundaries and limits, most importantly with oneself – habits and lifestyle etc. It also means cultivating a degree of clarity around how one wishes to show up in the world, and what one is willing to accept. What do you see for yourself over this year? 5 years and so on? What kind of relationships do you want in your life? Remember you are a reflection of the 5 closest people in your life – choose your company wisely.
  • Curiosity
    I would say curiosity is one of my favourite things – somehow as people get older there can be a sense of ‘been there and done that’ – we lose the natural curiosity and playfulness of children and risk crystallising into set patterns of behaviour – Curiosity means putting the ego aside and discovering things, choosing to see things from a fresh perspective. Get curious about yourself, about your inner world, about why you do why you do things. Being curios about others is a gateway into deep intimacy and authentic connections. The world is an endless place of exploration, curiosity will take you places!
  • Communication
    We’re done with not communicating our feelings, letting people tip toe around us, subtly controlling the atmosphere because we are too afraid/unwilling to express our truth. We are done trying to guess, mind-read and premeditate someone else’s feeling and needs. In 2023, we are communicating with clarity & compassion. We are asking questions, we are being curious about another, while being assertive yet kind & we are not enabling unhealthy patterns. in 2023, we are Talking about Stuff, getting real, getting intimate and discovering how right communication bridges the great divide into authentic connection and communion.
  • Understanding
    It is said that understanding is the heart of Love. In order to truly love someone, we need to understand them, their particular way of being in the world. If we cannot understand them, or don’t try to, how can we develop true intimacy? Another human being is an entire universe, it takes time to work together and find a rhythm. To understand someone does not mean to make excuses for bad behaviour, no, it means to looks deeply into the heart and soul of another and recognise the similarities you share at the core of your beings. The more you understand people, the more you can love without an agenda, widening the heart space of appreciation and being-ness.
  • Gratitude
    How many things in your life do you take for granted? The ability to wake up and jump out of bed, the dexterity of your hands, the love and affection of those close to you, Family, friends, the bed you sleep in, the roof above you, the safe return home after being out in the world … there are countless things to be thankful for. Practicing Gratitude especially during the peak of challenges, ensures that positive blessings continue to magnetise toward you.
  • Movement
    Movement and exercise is one of the most under-utilised anti depressants. This is one reason why massages are so popular. Movement is life, it is Prakriti, Nature and Creation. Movement exists in all manifested material life, without movement we are in deep sleep, just as Vishnu lays horizontally, before the universe manifested. Moon is mind, emotions, hormones, feelings- it debilitates (becomes weak) in Scorpio – a fixed water sign. What happens when water stops moving? It stagnates. The Body Keeps Score; it holds memories, both of our own lives and that of our ancestors (Genetics/Karma).

    In order to keep our minds, hearts and spirit clear and fresh, movement is essential. Make it part of your daily ritual.

Would love to know your thoughts. What else would you add to this list?
Happy New Years
Love, Darinka

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