Under a Vedic Sky – March 2023

Howdy Cosmic Cosplayers,

It is now march of 2023, and I have needed to cut back on the monthly blogs as I have been making podcasts, and creating the online vedic astrology beginners course (starting this Monday 6th / Sunday 5th for those in the northern hemisphere) .Are you keen to learn how to read your chart and track the planets for yourself? Deepen not just your knowledge of astrology but of yourself, your nature, emotions, as well as those of your family and partner, and learn how to optimise the energies of the planets to create greater peace, clarity and harmony in your life?

My live 10 week course is beginning this Monday (Aust) Sunday (USA + Europe) which will be held as live weekly zoom classes of about 90 mins each where i take you through the very basics of Jyotish and how wonderfully it can enhance your self perception and understanding of the world around you! It will be interactive, we get to explore your charts and classes are recorded if you can’t make it

I have a few spaces available, to register you can email me @ darinkamaja33@gmail.com, or read more about it HERE

In other news, The Starry Times blog has evolved and is now ‘Under A Vedic Sky’, which refers to the podcast, course and blog!

We have had a sweet run for the past few weeks as no planets are retrograde, and although there have been some minor disturbances, we have had the blessings of an unafflicted Jupiter) the great Guru in the sky) in his own sign of Pisces, as well as Saturn at home in Aquarius. 

Right now, Jupiter and Venus are in an exact conjunction (pictured) and this is a once in a 12 year occurrence that these two planets conjoin in Pisces. Although Jupiter and Venus are the great benefics, they are not friendly to each other, which may surprise you- the reason for this lies in their underlying mode of operation. 

Jupiter is the planet of Dharma and thus is the guru to the gods – the devas. This is a metaphor for the parts of our nature which is divine, pure, godly & altruistic. It promotes the qualities of goodness and righteousness, known as Sattva

Venus (shukra) is the guru to the asuras, the demons – a metaphor for the rajasic and tamasic parts of our nature which is based more on sensory addiction and pleasure seeking. The latter is what keeps beings trapped in bondage until they begin to evolve to higher states of consciousness.

This is the real reason why Jupiter and Venus are not friendly together and often when you see this in a synastry chart (the overlay of two individual charts together) there can be a significant difference in core values and approaches to life.

However, since this conjunction is occurring in Pisces, which is the best sign for Venus and one of the best signs for Jupiter – it can be handled in a relatively easy way.

It is an opportunity to reflect on our Dharma – living in accordance to the laws of nature – when we step out of that, it becomes A-Dharma, and this is what sets in motion cycles of negative karmas which accumulate. Venus has an important role in educating the most difficult of minds, it is truly after we have exhausted all our desires and distractions that the real soul transformation occurs.  

A practice I like to play with is to observe what I am pulled toward and what pushes me away. Attraction + Repulsion. I use curiosity to explore strong feelings which arise within me and practice equanimity in response to what is happening, so I can cultivate calmness in future situations. A little bit and often is the key – when you are standing in line, in traffic, with family or with a challenging colleague, friend or partner. 

Saturn is still restricting us, and many have felt low vitality, lethargy, increased laziness and tiredness since mid Jan – The Sun, the planet which reflects our vitality, immunity, wellbeing and soul energy was in Capricorn, now in Aquarius, both signs under the governance of Lord Saturn the Taskmaster – who is incredibly slow and deliberate in his manner. Sun and Saturn are bitter enemies (Saturn is the rejected son of the Sun)

Fortunately, after the 15th we will finally have some respite as the Sun will move away from the grip of Saturn and begin to regain its light & energy as it moves into the compassionate and altruistic sign of Pisces, joining great friend Jupiter for 30 days.

There will be some turbulence over 10-15 particularly 11-13 as both Venus and Mars are changing signs, which makes them weak as they don new celestial clothes. Venus gets bit tricky as she passes through he karmic Pisces-Aries gandanta zone triggering relationship insecurity, instability and possible distance. Venus’s reminds us, among many things, about our self worth and value and to remain true to you. Libra (ruled by venus) has a marked tendency for co-dependency, as its nature is more about connection and social grace rather than individualism (as highlighted by its opposite sign Aries) Since mars exalts in libra’s 4th house, it indicates the courage necessary to develop so that it can know itself independent of the Group Think – The Tribe, and thus, not lose itself in excessive social distractions. 

The Full Moon on the 7th falls in the playful and creative sign of Leo – in the nakshatra Purva Phalguni – This star connects us to play, art, creativity, theatre, dance and all forms of creative expression. However we  feel Saturns limitations gazing at us from Aquarius and may have to deal with the more practical responsibilities first, before we can truly enjoy ourselves – however pleasure does hit different after a satisfying day at work, completing tasks and getting on top of things that need to get done.

Heads up: We will be heading into eclipse season in April – 20/21. is the Solar eclipse in sidereal Aries, and April sees changes unfold, as Jupiter will be moving through the karmic gandanta zone (pay attention Saggi folks), and mercury retrogrades also on the 21st so there is (a little) turbulence ahead.

This is the time to really make forward motion on plans, projects and completing loose ends that have been lying around for a while – fill in the details and minimise the list. Count your blessings, there are always so many around.

To get more detail, make sure to subscribe/follow my weekly podcast : Under a Vedic Sky – found on all major podcast platforms including Spotify! 

Have a great month ahead! Consultations are available if you are looking for guidance, clarity and directions.
Darinka 🌟

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