Under A Vedic Sky – April 2023: Turbulence, Crisis & Change – Eclipse Season Begins

Hey Star Travellers!
Key Events this month:

Full Moon Virgo – 6 April
Solar Eclipse (New Moon) 20 April
Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon ) 6 May
Sun moves to Aries (Gandanta)
Venus moves to Taurus
Mercury Retrograde – Aries
Jupiter Combust Sun
Jupiter moves to Aries (Gandanta)
Jupiter Combust Sun
Jupiter Rahu Conjunction
Saturn in Aquarius, casting aspect on Leo, Scorpio & Aries.

Sooooo …. we are in another world reset – 30 years ago when Saturn was transiting Aquarius (as it is today) the world wide web became a public phenomena, the pentium microprocessor was released. There were numerous peace talks and deals across the world

There were changes and breakthroughs in medicine and tech, such as the first cloned human embryo – we are seeing a re-cycle of similar themes. 

Aquarius is a karmic sign, ruled by two Vata (airy) planets – Saturn and Rahu stirs ideas, breakthroughs and out of the box thinking. But they also promote fear, disturbances & unpredictability. The danger is the allegiance to technology and futuristic trends which risk our very humanity they purport to save or improve.

Saturn in Aquarius brings reforms and shifts with society at large.

We are seeing this with the talk of AUKUS In Australia, we have just had a huge change of government, the silicon valley and other major banks experienced a substantial crash – China is facilitating fresh agreements between Iran and Saudi Araba- two countries who have long been sworn enemies.  Most of this has unfolded since Jan 2023 –

Now these changes are not to be labelled as good or bad, because the future will show this to us in its nuanced hues – it is important to observe that this is happening, and is part of greater cycles which we can map when we study the patterns and cycles of the planets. 

Universal energies respond to what is projected into the field. 

We only get what we give. The crisis with our reality at present is only a mirror for the crisis which exits within us as individuals, in family groups and communities. 

Back to the stars 

Jupiter Moves to Aries on 22nd of April – crossing the turbulent gandanta zone between 16 – 23rd. Planets transiting water to fire stirs unpredictable and unstable karmic events. It represents the end of one way of life and the start of a new cycle. 

This can herald breakups, transformations within existing relationships, especially with boyfriends or husbands, and is the beginning of greater financial instabilities for the next 6 -7 months as certain things are resetting and rebalancing. 

Currently Jupiter is combust the Sun, and as the significator of wealth, finance, husband and children, it weakens these affairs. Considering we have some other turbulent transits for Jupiter, caution and care is advised, best not to rush into any difficult agendas or overcomplicate situations.

Jupiter Rahu conjunction until October will bring more international and financial shockwaves – this is a volatile and unstable conjunction which brings great gains followed by great losses. We saw the first part of this when Venus (another money planet) conjoined Rahu just a few weeks ago. Some say it is a signature for bankruptcy. Exact Jupiter Rahu conjunction occurs 26 – 30 May but it’s influence will be felt until October.

Full Solar Eclipse (New Moon) – @ 5°39  Aries – Ashwini Nakshatra – 2:12pm AST

This full Solar eclipse kicks of 5 total solar eclipses for the next 15 years in Australia! This particular one is called the Ningaloo Eclipse since it will be visible in Ningaloo, Western Australia. It is a Hybrid Solar eclipse, because part of the eclipse is shadowed, and other parts are not, giving it a hybrid of a Total solar eclipse and and annual eclipse.

Ashwini/Aries is the first of the first. It is a star connected to swift recovery, healing, herbs, medicine, aggression, it is sharp and cruel, ruled by Ketu. This eclipse is highlighting the dichotomy between self and others, compromise vs selfishness, co-operation or competition.

Ashwini wants to do things fast. It does not think (ketu is headless). Aries is ruled by the aggressive and impatient Mars – a dangerous combination. Ketu in libra severs traditional marriage. It upsets the status quo, its revolutionising and spiritualising our romantic affairs. Hold on too much and lose what is precious. Let go too much, and better off being alone – where is the fulcrum?

Rahu/ketu are the eclipses – Rahu is the head of the celestial serpent, Ketu is the other half, the tail. The snake symbolism reflects the functioning of these energies – slippery, confusing, shadowy, fearful, transformative and seductive. Points to remember:::

Things are not what they seem
Avoid sudden decisions

A great time for introspection
The mind may feel particularly turbulent and confused
The grass is NOT greener on the other side
Don’t buy a house, car, business, sign a contract or involve yourself in shady dealings
Leaders will fall from grace
Corruption exposed
Secrets revealed
Earthquakes and other seismic activity
Extreme events/violence
Extreme emotions
Breakthroughs, realisations, understanding
Sudden flashes of insight/illusions

Rahu hides the truth. Jupiter is the only planet that can control Rahu – Ra is the acoustic root of Light – The Sun God. Hu hides Ra … In China, eclipses were said to be the dragon eating the sun!

Ancient times were more attuned to the natural elements – eclipses are omens, indicating changes to come. The degree points are sensitive up to 6 months after the eclipse has occurred. Notice if you have any key planets in Aries/Libra, as this eclipse cycle (which began in April 2022) is highly significant for you. 

Please, DON’T watch the eclipses, go out partying, get trashed etc – Eclipse times aggravate disturbed energies, can trigger wrong choices and plug our consciousness deeper into illusory materialistic pursuits which is not the direction our soul actually wants us to go. The sun and moon are the pure soul and mind, eclipses obscure and disturb our subtle energies. It is a time for introspection – observe closely, you may feel or notice the turbulence and unsettled /crazy energies.

The greater the degree of material attachments, the greater the degree of spiritual detachment – I.E – disconnection from your Soul and Spirit. This is why the world is obsessed with stuff, things, status and money – it is a poor substitute for true happiness, and a pure distraction for our deeper purpose as Human Beings on a path of Evolution.

Plan your eclipse – stay home, cancel plans, meditate, light an oil/ghee lamp, burn incense, clean the home, do your laundry, meditate, journal, fast, pray, get curious about your inner world… most unaware people will go out, drink, hook up and who knows, might be just your luck, contract an std, or realise the next day you made a disrespectful/bad mistake.

Don’t be a part of the crowd. 
Use the energy to withdraw a little and return home, to your self.

Ok enough now, I’m sure you get the gist

Sun moves to Aries on the 14/15th, passing through the turbulent Gandanta zone – this triggers instability, insecurity and possibly the feeling of existential crisis, given what’s happening in the world. Fear not, the feelings will subside, but if you are ruled by the Sun, just take it easy and park the thought currents for a while. The problem can’t be solved right now, so chill. Sun is our immunity and vitality – so if you have not been taking adequate rest, illness and physical weakness arises now – be mindful of broken bones. 

Mercury is currently travelling over Rahu disturbing our minds and thinking, creating some erratic and unstable thought patterns. It triggers anxiety and fear, especially as it approaches the node. Some things are just not clear.

Mercury Retrograde – 21 April – 16 May is where things really spice up, because it starts the same day as the eclipse! Woohoo! 

Mercury stays in Aries quite a while now and this isn’t a favourable transit as Mercury and Mars are not friendly. It triggers sharp words, harsh statements, cruelty in communication. It can however, cut through B.S, get to the point, find clarity and directness, but not when its with Rahu – then things get magnified and can blow out of proportion – Not to mention Jupiter in the house, expanding things without limits.

It can however, help us to get creative about problems 

Saturn casts a 3rd aspect on Aries, while giving us some limits, the nature of Aries and Mars is out of sync with the judge and lord of Karma, so there may be more seething frustrations and explosive actions that can seem to erupt from no where. 

6 April : Venus moves to Taurus + Full Moon Virgo

Venus moving to Taurus brings more comfort and stability to some relationships, as Venus is comfortable and at home. It is the same day at the full moon, so with any sign changes with a planet we always need to be mindful of the inherent instability with change. 

Full moon in Virgo opposes the sun in Pisces, as I have mentioned earlier, Jupiter is combust the sun and mercury is conjunct rahu so this moon could be heady, confusing, optimistic but also tense. Virgo seeks perfection, it is practical, tactile and organised. Virgo/Pisces axis reflects to us the higher/lower mind. Details, or the big picture, this is the dance of Jupiter/Mercury – faith over fear. 

Shape the raw form of clay, the building blocks of the earth into something that spirit can reside in, so that spirit may know itself, experience tangible reality. It is a time to design the lives you want, and use one’s creative potential in the best way.

Take care this month – chant your mantras – do your practice, connect with your breath – mind your thoughts – all is not what it seems – calm, is your superpower. Align with Dharma, Dharma will protect you.

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Darinka x

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