Signs of The Times – Celestial Update for May

Hello Satr Travellers,

I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front – as this is a labour of love, regularity can’t always be guaranteed, as sometimes life gets in the way.

And this is the perfect learning ground for astrology.

As a natural science, Astrology is empirical, meaning knowledge is based on experience, borne of observation and experimentation. In this sense, one’s life and its patterns become the arena of curious exploration. 

Armed with the knowledge of Jyotish (Astrology) – which is a language, not a belief,  one has the ability to gently decode the nature of life’s events and personal experiences, understand its shades and hues, plan ahead for ‘bad weather’ and generally map the beneficial and challenging time periods of one’s life. 

As Rumi aptly says: 

Whoever travels without a guide, needs two hundred years for a two-day journey”

This is the beauty of astrology, as an ancient science and an art, it links the visible and invisible, the tangible and intangible, the realms of magic, mystery and muse, with the solid ground of Reality.

Many of us have been reeling from the last few months of turbulence. It has been a different kind of turbulence to say, last year in Feb – which had a stronger, more extreme and violent overtone, which we saw with the onset of the Russia -Ukraine War, for example. 

This Eclipse season which began in early April this year, gave us Elon Musk’s Space X Rocket Explosion, Trump’s Sexual abuse allegations and verdict, most recently, The highly controversial Coronation, right on the Lunar Eclipse. 

SpaceX Launch on April 20 – Mercury was stationed to go retrograde and Solar Eclipse day as well. Worst day of the year for this kind of thing!

On a mundane and personal level, the eclipse season has been creating significant shifts in our attitudes and ideas about relating and relationships.

Rahu & Ketu are the lunar nodes which cause the eclipses. They have no body or mass and thus are shadowy energies. The troublemakers have been in the 1/7 – Aries/Libra axis since April last year – these themes are all about Relationships, to self, family, business partners, ancestors, spouse, lovers, animals, elements, earth etc. 

Relationship is what inherently defines You.
We learn about ourselves in relation to another. 

Over time, and with greater awareness you learn to recognise that nothing, absolutely nothing is truly separate from you – not even one blade of grass, or ant or passing cloud. 

Think about it – every atom and molecule that makes up the physical vessel you reside is has existed since the beginning of time – everything just recycles and reinvents itself.

The art of creating sacred relationship rests in our ability to recognise the true essence of the other, and see that as a part of yourself. That is sacred communion and the foundation of True Love.

To Love another is Loving Self, Loving Self is Knowing God, Knowing God is seeing the spark of Divinity & inherent Unity within all things. 

Mercury Retrograde since 21st AprilDirect on 14th May

We are approaching the end of the 2nd Mercury retrograde of the year , this time it has been in firery and impulsive Aries where there is a distinct elemental clash – words become sharper, making our communication more challenging, combative, sharp and possibly hurtful.

Mercury governs the Earth element and the base and throat chakras. 

When foundations are weak, the voice shakes and the mind is turbulent, we do not think clearly and cannot see the trees for the forest. 

It isn’t a good time for signing contracts, starting a business or making long term decisions. People from the past unexpectedly contact us, messages get lost, programs mess up and situations can get acutely stressful as we try and manage material affairs.

It is however, an excellent time for creative thinkers, writers, musicians and creators who can use the retrogression as a way to think out of the box and upside down, coming up with fresh perspectives and insights.

Mercury moves OUT of Aries on the 8th of June, into the more gentle sign of Taurus.

Sun troubled by Rahu

Eclipse season means the Sun and Moon are eclipsed. 
Sun is Soul, Moon is Mind –
Eclipses conceal and reveal.

Stuff gets hidden, stuff comes out, our minds and spirits are confused, what seemed great may turn out to be a disaster, there is generally much greater stress and unexpected curve balls which affect us during eclipse season which is why it is always better to chill out, stay home and plan for big events during a less turbulent time. 

The eclipses impact us on a psychological level, triggering all manner of confusion. Fortunately we are now on the other side, as we move away from the turmoil. As the month progresses what was unclear and confusing begins to make sense. 

Mars insecure in Cancer 

Mars – planet of energy, action, courage and aggression moves into its weakest sign for 6 weeks. The warrior is uncomfortable in the sensitive watery sign of cancer, where his energy damper, fire weakens, direction action gets washed away.

This is  time to watch especially for Scorpio or Aries rising or moon because it weakens Agni – the digestive fire, also connected with our Vision and legs – one feels temporarily unclear and uncertain of direction, doubtful, insecure or weak.

Strengthen yourselves with regular fire meditation, keep moving, but be gentle. 
Mars in Cancer can get extreme sometimes with frustration, yet being evasive and indirect, lashing out into important relationships and disturbing the home & inner peace (cancer)

Sun moves into Taurus on 15th May

Sun is another planet connected to Agni, fire and immunity, as well as our soul’s direction – temporary confusion, lethargy and low energy as the sun changes signs is normal, so if you are struggling to choose, don’t worry about making a decision right now. As May progresses, the planets settle again in their places, clarity returns. 

Taurus isn’t a the best for the sun, but it isn’t bad. Focus can be on resources, wealth, food, money and love – Taurus wants stability, comforts and luxuries, but we need to consider the cost.

When is enough enough?
Does fulfilling our desires truly give us satisfaction, or just more unrest?

Remember, calm is always your superpower!
Have a great month folks.

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dm ~

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